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We're down to the final four, and the remaining quartet of contestants are heading home. Post-elimination, Sami gives them each a little something. It's a DVD, I'm sure bearing some sort of terrifying news. Frado gets an extra something extra. He was the Biggest Loser of the evening, which means that he'll get a visit at home from celebrity chef Curtis Stone. I guess Curtis hasn't yet met his 350 contractual appearances per season.

Everyone heads home. Elizabeth reminds us that the last time she was home, she fainted. WE KNOW. In Gilroy, California, Ada tells us that she's always felt invisible, and was comfortable that way. Now it's a strange feeling that people, including her whack parents, are waiting to see her. In Staten Island, Frado is excited about his new beginning. Wow, Staten Island looks really nice. Is this a hallucination? In Vicksburg, Mississippi, Patrick compares his weight loss journey to the Mississippi River. He travels by boat to his destination, because he's folksy like that. And then, oh Jesus, there's some inspirational music over a montage of the contestants walking out of their limos and into their respective parties. Frado shows off his decreased gut to a musical crescendo. Ada hugs her parents, who seem marginally glad to see her. Patrick is king of the world on his riverboat and the ladies who greet him are in hysterics so large that they could pass for audience members on Oprah's "Favorite Things" show. Elizabeth is, against all odds, still a contestant. All of the friends and family members are impressed, and happy to see their Losers.

Frado addresses his party from atop a balcony, like he's fucking Evita. Don't cry for him, Staten Island, because he never thought about how his health affected his family. Or do, because he wants you to. He announces that he's off all of his pills, and cries a little. Then he says that his priority is to be the Biggest Loser. Frado's wife obviously loves him a lot, and is probably really happy that she's not going to have to be on top all the time anymore. Seriously, those two have crackling chemistry! Meanwhile, Ada announces that she's lost 79 pounds. Her mom looks really happy, but her dad just kind of scowls at her. I think maybe he doesn't speak English. She tells her party goers that on the ranch she learned she had to address deep emotional issues. She doesn't go into details, but says that she's a happier person. Ada's mom says that the first time she glanced at Ada she couldn't believe her eyes. It's almost like she has a new daughter. A daughter who is going to give her what for later in the episode, I'm guessing.

Elizabeth addresses her crowd, saying that she's lost 52 pounds and did a lot of soul searching and healing on the ranch. She's dealt with all of her issues and feels stronger mentally and emotionally. Physically? Who knows. Patrick has lost 121 pounds, and his green-wearing fans and friends cheer. Though it's been hard to be away from his family for so long, he says that it's been worth every second. Patrick's mom tells us there's nothing greater in this world than seeing your child back in the arms of health again. Health's arms are really muscle-y, but not long, so they can't fit around you when you're fat.

After a commercial break, it's time for the Losers to watch their DVDs. It's of course Bob and Jillian, telling the contestants that it's time for them to reflect on how far they've come. Frado and his family get to watch the kind of montage that we've had to suffer through all season. Since it's their first time, though, it seems like it's moving to them. It features fat Frado talking to skinny Frado at the end, saying that he's the man he thinks he is, and now has to maintain what he did and stay focused. Frado's mom's review is: "I cry the whole movie!" Wow, Frado is a lot more likeable when he's not plotting with a bunch of douchebags.

Next, Elizabeth watches her DVD. Some of it seems quite hard for her to watch, particularly the emotional retardation parts. Elizabeth's boyfriend, Jay, starts tearing up when he sees her eyes roll back in her head when she was on Camp Pendleton. We see fat Elizabeth talk to her future skinny self, which is in fact her current self, telling her to be happy and healthy.

Next, Ada and her family watch her DVD. Oooh, it totally leads with the dead brother stuff. Awkward! Then it goes on to show Ada talking about how her parents call her a worthless idiot. That's one way to initiate a conversation. Dr. Phillian totally put this one together herself. Ada is of course triumphant at the end, which is obvious given how she's kicked ass all through the competition. Fat Ada tells skinny Ada that she can now finally be herself and not worry about pleasing people, because she knows who she is. A chord of doom plays after the video is over, and Ada's mom, who looks very upset, reaches over to her and says she didn't know Ada was so unhappy. She adds that they want her to have the best. And then it becomes clear that Ada's dad is the real impediment to parental decency, as his response is that he works so hard and it's all for her benefit. Ada just cries, and it sucks that she can't even enjoy a triumphant return home.

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