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Ada tells us that her dad thinks that providing for her is enough, and it's his way of showing love. That might be how he was raised, but it's not enough for Ada. She says in English that she just wants them to be proud of her, and her friend says that now that they know how hurt she is, they'll try to make a change. Ada's mom again says that she really didn't know Ada was so unhappy, and starts crying for real for real. Like, snotty heaving crying. Which, in this situation, is quite appropriate. Ada's dad pipes in to say that sometimes when he saw her as being fat, he wasn't happy, and that Ada lost herself. Ada says that from her perspective, she wants to be the daughter that her parents have always wanted. No, no, no! Has she forgotten all of Dr. Phillian's therapy? Ada's dad takes the floor and even though he sort of has a naturally angry tone to his voice, says some kind of nice things. He says that he loves her very much, and that after she left he thought about her all day long. Ada is happy to finally hear this from her parents. She never thought she'd be able to be open and honest with them about her feelings, and is glad to have this new start that coincides so well with her new start as a person. They hug, and that all went down in a much less dramatic fashion than I expected.

Next, Patrick and his family watch his montage. He talks a lot about his two boys, and how they are his inspiration, which makes his wife cry. These two also seem to love each other a whole bunch. Fat Patrick tells skinny Patrick to keep up the good work, and to dig down deep to find the will and the way to get it done.

With the montages over, Sami appears on the DVD to tell the contestants that they've come far but still have a long way to go -- 26.2 miles, to be exact. Yes, the contestants will be running a marathon. We see Frado running in NYC, wondering if he's going to be able to run the whole thing. He figures if he lost 119 pounds in three months, he can probably do anything. Ada tells us that previous contestant Tara ran the marathon in four hours and fifty six minutes, which is the best female time. Ada wants to beat her, and likes that she has a goal in mind as she trains. She's really inspired by Tara, and says she wants to be great, too. Patrick thinks it's amazing that he's now fixing to run a marathon. He wonders, even with all that he's done on the ranch, if he's physically able and ready to do it. He's fixing to find out. I'm fixing to be overwhelmed with folksiness. Also overwhelmed is Liz, who in no fucking way is ready to run a marathon. She's hoping to let the fear go. I don't know, if I were her I'd hold on to the fear a little bit, and also hold on to her inhaler.

Patrick's wife, Bradley, leaves for work and Patrick reminds us that, temporarily at least, he's a house husband. He lost his job at the beginning of the year, and so gets to lead his toddlers in doing chores, and they get to assist him in doing sit-ups. And then they play Biggest Loser Challenge Wii. He calls that a workout. Wii Bob is very lifelike, and seems to impress Patrick's sons. Ada tells us that it's hard to be at home, because she's not losing weight at the same rate as she was at the ranch. She blames this on her diet. With no one watching her, she's been cheating a bit. Ada does not want to be the chump at the finale who steps on the scale with an unimpressive result. Then put down the Fritos, lady!

Frado gets his visit from Curtis Stone, which he's morphed into a charity event. That's pretty nice, even if it entails the phrase "pay it forward." Drink! Curtis serves fresh spring rolls with snow peas and carrots, and feels great to be able to give back to the community. He then signs books and shakes hands and takes pictures with people. Meanwhile, Frado mingles. We meet Paul, from the Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, who is benefiting from this event. Also benefiting is the Andrew J. Gargiso Foundation, which focuses on pediatric cancer. There are five charities overall, and Frado encourages the attendees to bust out their checkbooks. He tells us that the event has raised over $25,000, and says "paying it forward" again. Take a double shot for that one.

And then! Bob and Jillian hit the road to drop in unannounced on the final four. Jillian notes that she's heading to New Bedford, Massachusetts to meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth has moved in with her boyfriend, which is news to Jillian. Not of the good kind, it appears. Jillian, driving a giant SUV because your carbon footprint balances out when you drink your water from a Brita pitcher, nearly runs Ada off the road to surprise her. Bob tries the more conventional approach of walking to Patrick's front yard. Elizabeth seems happy to see Jillian, but likely not for long. Bob interrupts Frado during lunch. There is surprise and happiness and a little bit of nerves all around.

Patrick's mom hugs Bob and thanks him for saving her son. It's very sweet, and must make Bob feel pretty good. Bob says that he loves Patrick, and it makes sense that he has such good parents, because he's such a good man. Except for the parts when he's a punk during elimination. Bob asks Patrick how things have been since he's been home. Patrick says that he felt his first twinge of pressure the week before, wondering what would happen if he didn't win the cash and had to go back to being unemployed and in debt to multiple sources. Bob tells him that not having a job is actually an advantage right now. Almost every winner didn't have to work, and made the competition their job. Bob tells us that he usually urges the contestants to look past the money, but in Patrick's case things are a little different. He needs the cash, and so can be as money-driven as he wants. Bob and Patrick head to the gym for a workout, and Patrick tells us that the competition is his to lose. Bob is totally rooting for him, and encourages Patrick to have tunnel vision at least until he makes it into the top three.

Jillian asks Elizabeth how much weight she's lost since she's been home. Elizabeth guesses about six pounds, and Jillian is not pleased. She tells us that she doesn't even believe that Elizabeth has lost six, and would put the number closer to zero. Elizabeth admits that there was a lot of slacking in the first few weeks since she was adjusting to being home and in the process of moving. Jillian then makes the bold move of opening Elizabeth's freezer. You can guess that this doesn't go well. She has a whole lot of burritos and ice cream, and soda in the fridge. Elizabeth says that this is all her boyfriend's stuff. This doesn't make things better in the eyes of Jillian, who tells us that all her boyfriend does is eat processed garbage and she's sure he doesn't have a Men's Health subscription. She asks Elizabeth where the support part comes into play. Elizabeth thinks it's more emotional support that he provides. Jillian notes that they talked a lot about Elizabeth standing on her own two feet, and then the first thing she did after coming home was to move in with someone. She tells Elizabeth not to lose herself in this relationship, or hide herself in the security of it. Jillian's scorn is rooted in the fact that it's a travesty that this lady is in the final four. She takes Elizabeth to the gym, which is not pretty. Elizabeth admits to us that she hasn't worked out a whole lot since she's been home, and worries that Jillian is going to notice. I assure you this worry is well-founded.

Elizabeth can't run a mile at Jillian's preferred pace, then collapses dramatically after saying that her leg is cramping. I actually think that Jillian might deck her. That would sure bump up my grade of this episode. Jillian asks what's really going on, and Elizabeth admits that she's scared, and not ready for all of the changes that are coming so quickly. She doesn't think that she can live up to what everybody wants her to do. She's overwhelmed by the pride that others have expressed, and doesn't want to be anybody's hero. Jillian tells her that she can't let fear paralyze her, and has to recognize that she'll cre

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