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Ada nears the final miles, and tells us that even though she wanted to quit and just sit down, she didn't. At mile twenty-five more friends await her. There's lots of footage of the landscape, with the fog and the ocean and the cars on the highway. Ada's family and friends wait at the finish line, which is on the beach. And then, with a time of 4:38:48, she crosses it. Tara's record, consider yourself crushed. There are hugs galore.

Patrick sees his wife at mile twenty five, and then have a big hug before he continues the final mile with her. We flash back to fat Patrick saying that running a marathon is like climbing Mt. Everest to him. Back then, it seemed unachievable to him, but he did have a glimmer of hope that it was possible. And here he is! He crosses the finish line at 5:45:52. Hugs! Tears! Inspirational flashbacks!

Then it's Frado's turn to cross the finish line with his family beside him. He encourages us to all get up off of the couch, which is difficult when you have a recap deadline. But, point taken. At 5:51:12, he's finished. Patrick hugs Frado, and so does Ada, and everyone is happy and relieved until they ruminate on exactly how long they'll have to wait for Liz.

Speaking of Liz, her sister runs with her to mile twenty-six. She crosses the finish line at around 7:27:10. I feel like maybe she got a ride or two along the way. She just seems so...fine. In any case, Sami congratulates everyone and tells them that they've all earned $10,000 to give to charity courtesy of the Biggest Loser interactive game. Jennie-O Turkey couldn't kick in a lifetime supply of bacon for charity?

With that, it's time for the last weigh-in on the ranch. Two players will fall below the yellow line, and we, the American people, get to vote for who stays and competes in the finale. Sami tells Elizabeth that Jillian paid it forward (drink!) by bringing her back into the competition, and that she'll be first on the scale. Jillian admits that she's not expecting much out of Elizabeth. Elizabeth doesn't seem to be expecting much out of herself, either. She goes from 192 pounds to 177, for a loss of 15 pounds. She seems pretty happy with it, and actually kind of surprised. Jillian is happy for Elizabeth, too. That's 7.81%, and Elizabeth has lost a total of 67 pounds since starting the competition.

Frado is next on the scale. He goes from 248 pounds to 221, for a loss of 27 pounds. He says that that's great, and he's happy with it. He hopes it's enough, especially given the stiff competition that is Patrick and Ada. Bob tells us that Frado isn't the game-playing guy he once was, but rather the family man. Thank goodness. Frado has lost 146 pounds total, and 10.89% tonight.

Ada and Patrick are left to weigh-in. Ada steps up on the scale, and is feeling nervous. She goes from 179 to 167, for a loss of 12 pounds. Ada notes that she did struggle for the first few weeks, which is a lot of time lost. Bob is surprised, given Ada's customary stance of blowing up the scale. Ada is disappointed, even though she's lost a total of 91 pounds since coming on the show. Tonight, she lost 6.7%. That puts her below even Elizabeth. Oh Jesus, if Elizabeth winds up in the top two I quit.

Finally there's Patrick. He needs to have lost more than 21 pounds to land in the top two. He goes from 279 to 244, for a loss of 35 pounds. He crushed it! Though he's had his moments of douchebaggery, I can't help but be happy for him. He seems like a fundamentally decent guy, with a lovely family. Patrick lost 12.54%, which means he finished first in this weigh-in and joins Frado as a finalist.

This means that Elizabeth and Ada are below the yellow line, and it's up to us to vote one of them into the top three. I mean, there's no choice, right? Each of the two yellow-lined ladies makes a plea to us. Elizabeth starts by thanking us for our support (that's not directed at me, obviously). She feels like she's come a long way. An obviously bawling Ada says that she's treated this competition as the chance of a lifetime and pushed herself so that she took adequate advantage of it. She wants to be an inspiration for us. And then the audio keeps cutting out, but whatever VOTE FOR ADA. Now! Do it! You can text your vote if you don't care about shilling out 99 cents, otherwise, go to and vote for free. FOR ADA.

Next week: Finale! Who will have glitter rain down in their honor?

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