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When we enter the ranch, it's nighttime and the contestants have just returned home from the elimination ceremony. Kaylee reminds us that her team tried to throw the last weigh-in because she wanted to go home. However, they failed and it was Justin who got the boot. The whole thing has been a bit of a mindfuck for Kaylee, and she feels like she needs to address the others. She tells them that she tried to take matters into her own hands, because she felt it was time for her to go. It didn't work out, obviously, and Kaylee is all torn up that it was Justin who had to leave. She apologizes for what happened, but says that she's learned a really big lesson. To drink three gallons of water instead of one? I mean, it was a real thrown weigh-in fail. Everyone is exceptionally miserable. Moses says that part of why Kaylee wanted to leave was the whole game aspect of the competition. He implores the others to enjoy their time on the ranch and forget all the alliances and whatnot. That seems unlikely, and like it would make the show even more boring -- a feat you thought was heretofore impossible. Rulon ponders life without Justin, and then everyone goes to bed.

The next day, the contestants head to the gym where Sami awaits. Olivia tells us that she loves Sami as much as the next person, but it's never good to see her in the middle of the week. She's wearing a metallic shirt with a leopard print camisole, which is designed to hypnotize the home viewers as well as the contestants. Must. Eat. Subway. Now. Sami walks everyone down memory lane with video of them learning that they'd made it on the show. Everyone was so fat back then! Several people tear up at seeing their old selves on film, and Rulon is overcome with emotion when he sees Justin giving him a bear hug. And then whoa! Courtney gives an interview in which she's wearing no eyeliner. I don't think I ever realized how she cakes that shit on. She must take a sharpie to her lids. Sami asks Rulon what struck him about the video, and he says that every contestant had a new "leash" on life. A retractable leash on life, for some. He also saw the start of something that was more amazing than they could even comprehend. Courtney tells Sami that it was the greatest moment of her life.

And then. Sami notes that there were eleven teams on campus, and asked if anyone ever wondered about the twelfth team - the team that was so close but didn't make it. There was only ONE team that didn't make it? Come on now. And then Sami says that if they're wondering -- which I can assure you they're not -- they can just ask that twelfth team. With that, the White Team walks onto campus. They are mother and son Leann, 52, and Vance, 19, from Ogden, Utah. Vance is going to school to be a life flight technician, and currently wouldn't qualify for that job because he takes up too much space in the helicopter. That is not a joke, he actually said that. Leann is there for Vance, mostly.

We flash back to Sami telling Leann and Vance that they're team number twelve. The deal was that they had a chance to get on campus if they could lose some significant weight at home. Sami tells everyone that the person on campus with the lowest percentage of weight lost is Kaylee, at 25.32%. If Leann and Vance can beat that number, they're back in the game. They both still look pretty heavy, so it doesn't seem like a sure thing. At the same time, would they drag these people here just to tell them to go home again? Before stepping on the scale, Vance tells us that he's nervous and scared, and a bit disappointed in his efforts at home. Vance started at 379 pounds. He needs to have lost more than 95 pounds to get a spot on campus. Vance now weighs 349, for a loss of 30 pounds. Well, that sucks for him, doesn't it? Vance says that it's been very difficult at home, but he's learning and is happy to have lost 30 pounds. Courtney tells him to keep going, and regales him with anecdotes of her 112-pound at home loss. Vance doesn't totally seem that sad about the whole thing, I have to say.

Leann is next on the scale, and is unexpectedly emotional about it. She's nervous about everyone seeing what she has or hasn't done. Leann started at 315 pounds. To gain a place on campus, she needs to have lost more than 79 pounds. Leann now weighs 270, for a loss of 45 pounds. Leann says she's thrilled with 45 pounds, but would have loved the opportunity to come to campus. She says she's losing weight more slowly, but she's making it work. Everyone gives her a big round of applause. Leann says that seeing how amazing everyone on campus looks will inspire her going forward. They seem like nice people, but clearly didn't have a tremendous drive to come to the ranch. Way to waste 15 minutes, show.

The contestants move right on to a pop challenge. Sami reminds everyone that they're still in four teams, and that they're controlling the fate of themselves and their teammates. So it's pretty important that they don't drop the ball. To wit: balls. Two members of each team will compete in this challenge, and will have to hold a board between them on which is balanced two team-colored balls. They'll have to transport ten balls altogether to a basket some short distance away. To drop the balls in the basket, they have to roll them through a hole in the middle of the board. The team that comes in last on this challenge will spend the week off-campus. The team that comes in first will win a one-minute advantage at this week's challenge proper.

The challenge begins, and is about as riveting as you think it would be. It's like your company picnic, with fewer people that you hate. Kaylee and Austin get a system down and take a rapid lead for the Green Team. The Black Team takes a close second place, but Green wins. The Black Team finishes, and the Blue and Red Teams duke it out for third. The Blue Team gets it, which means that it's the Red Team that will be exiled. Courtney and Jen are not thrilled, to put it mildly.

Courtney and Jen hang out under some sort of tent, and Sami tells them that they have $1,000 and a menu. She gives them fifteen minutes to make their decisions. They first look at the food menu -- they can shop for their own groceries for $300, have their kitchen stocked with Biggest Loser food for $500, or get a private chef for a week for $700. They can also buy their team trainer for a day, a local membership to the gym, a movie night, massage, phone calls home, and other various sundries. Jen wavers over their initial decision to take Brett for a day at $200. She says that this is week 13, and they should be able to do it on their own. In the end, the girls decide to shop for their own groceries and cook their own food for $300, take two gym memberships for $300 total, an hour worth of phone calls for $200, two massages for $100, and a night out at a restaurant for $50. They have $50 left over, which they're not going to use. Sami calls them out for not taking a day with Brett. Courtney indicates that this was Jen's choice. Jen explains her reasoning, but Courtney clearly isn't sold. She tells us that she's going through a plateau and needs a trainer, but she didn't speak up to Jen and tell her that. Sami reminds the two ladies that, since there are only two of them, if they lose the weigh-in the person with the lowest percentage of weight will go home automatically -- no deliberation and no vote. The other one will have immunity as the biggest loser on the team. Courtney is not feeling particularly confident this week, and hopes that some of Jen's mojo will rub off on her.

Back at the house, Brett visits Courtney and Jen to bid them adieu. They explain to him about the budget thing, and how they didn't choose to have him for a day. Courtney hides her head in her hands as Jen lists off how they've spent their money. Brett can't believe it when they get to the massages and dinner out, and tells them that it's a bad decision. He tells us that Courtney's hit a wall, and this was his week to work with her to figure that out. He wishes he could be with her, but

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