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What have I done today to make me feel proud? Well, I saw Elvis Costello and the Sugarcanes! The bad part of this is that I'm starting this weecap at 11:30 PM AND I have a cold and generally feel like I'm about to die. The beatings aren't just for contestants anymore.

Sami enters the house. Sam totally has a crush on her, because she's hot, but also hates her, because she usually brings news of misery. Sami tells them that one of the toughest things they have to do at the ranch is worry about what they're eating. Today they'll have to do something tougher -- worry about what everyone else is eating. Everyone is all, "Quoi?" Sami reveals that they'll be competing in a temptation challenge. There is a room upstairs filled with food. Some of it is healthy (radishes), some if it's not healthy (everything else). Sami says, "You will eat every meal in that room, because the kitchen is officially closed." The show is totally forcing these people to eat donuts! Cruel, but not unusual. At the end of he day, the person who has eaten the most amount of calories will cast the only vote at this week's elimination. If that person falls below the yellow line, however, they'll lose their special powers and the elimination will be as normal.

With that, it's breakfast time. There are a LOT of breakfast meats there. Also, cupcakes. O'Neal sniffs the sugar in the air and is at once satisfied and terrified. Ashley gives us a tiny tour of the surroundings and tells us that it's possible to make a really healthy decision, and possibly to make a really unhealthy decision. Vicky tells us that the temptation is a reflection of what they'll be facing in real life. I mean, if they live in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, or are donut makers by profession. It's a little on the extreme end of things. O'Neal pours a bowl of cereal, and looks at the cupcakes longingly. Sunshine's going to try to eat what she normally eats, so has a bowl of oatmeal and raspberries. Sam tells us that he eats 1,800 calories a day, which is more than anyone else eats on the ranch. Thus, if no one else plays, he wins by default. He thinks he ate about 500 calories for breakfast, and is right on the money. By contrast, Sunshine's breakfast was 175 calories.

Sam reminds us that he's fallen below the yellow line twice in the last three weeks. He encourages Koli to eat up, so he can save him. Koli enters the temptation room and says that he's not going to play it safe. He's ready to eat a lot of calories. He gobbles hash browns, an omelet, sausage, and bacon, and calls this the best challenge ever. He then has a dessert of cereal and donuts. Koli frankly looks kind of ill, as he should after having a 1,545 calorie breakfast. In case you weren't clear, he's really going for it.

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