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No Donut Left Behind

Daris enters the temptation room at lunchtime and sticks to nuts and bananas. He eats around 670 calories. Michael tells us that in the past he's participated in temptation challenges, so everyone will expect him to do so this time around. But Michael isn't particularly interested in this prize -- he doesn't want the burden of kicking someone else off and crushing their dream. He's not above a little gameplay, though. As Michael exits the room, he tells Victoria that he's stuffed. But she enters the room and goes straight to the asparagus. She's not there for gameplay, and is going to eat as if it's a regular day on the ranch. Her lunch is a mere 353 calories. She's come so far, and doesn't want to fall to temptation. Koli, meanwhile, is very excited for lunch. He has chili dogs, wings with ranch dressing, cookies, and washes it all down with a glass of milk. Koli's lunch was 2,064 calories, bringing his day's total to 3,609.

Ashley enters the room at dinnertime, and tells us that the temptation challenge is getting harder to resist as the day goes along. She did okay for breakfast and lunch, but at dinner there's French fries, pizza, quesadillas, taquitos, and other assorted friend goodness. Ashley tongs the fries lovingly, and finally has one taquito. She says it wasn't even that good, which is always the way. O'Neal also has a weakness for French fries, and measures out a cup of them. He stays strong, though, and doesn't actually eat them. He then grabs three cookies. Those, he also does not eat. Looks like Koli's taking this. He and Sam take another walk and talk about how they'd fall on the sword for each other, which is what Koli is in fact doing today.

Koli enters the temptation room for dinner with a big sigh and says, "It smells like fat." He's lost his verve for this challenge, but forces himself to eat. He isn't feeling so great, probably because his body's in some sort of shock. He stuffs down some burgers and fries, though, and we learn that his total calories are 4,164. And now, presumably, he's going to go barf.

The contestants gather and wait for Sami to come and tell them who pigged out. Several of the contestants gave into temptation. A taquito here, a wing there. Daris ate 1,556 calories, and beat everyone except for one person. That person ate two omelets, five pieces of bacon, two donuts, ten wings with ranch, a hot dog, half a chili-dog, a piece of licorice, a cheeseburger, and more. It is, of course, Koli, who ate 4,164 calories. He has won the temptation challenge. Koli cracks up, and then tells everyone that he did it for Sam. Sam says that family is first, and that he appreciates Koli's sacrifice. Michael understands why Koli did this, but says it's scary -- if whoever falls below the yellow line is sitting there with Sam, they're out.

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