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Daris appears to be in the lead, with Sam, Koli, and Ashley right behind him. He attempts his first climb, scrambling to beat Koli and Sam. However, Sam gets to the top of his structure at approximately the same time. Getting to the flag entails scrambling up a piece of scaffolding. Daris struggles to haul himself up, as does Sam. That looks like it hurts. This challenge requires some serious upper arm strength, I think. Both guys need another few blocks to raise themselves a bit higher, so they can better grasp the scaffolding. Daris gets up there first and makes another attempt to get on the scaffolding. And he does it! He climbs like a cute little curly-headed monkey and grabs his flag. Daris is the winner, and gets the one-pound advantage. He tells us that he's always been a quiet guy who was afraid to lead the pack, but now he has more pride in himself. This is the first challenge he's won, and he feels like he can do it now.

The scramble to avoid coming in last is then in full force. Koli gets his flag next. Daris notes that some of the structures are pretty scary. Victoria climbs to the top of hers, and as she grabs the scaffolding her tower tumbles. She hangs on to the bottom rung of the scaffolding. Sunshine is next to get her flag, followed by Sam. O'Neal, meanwhile, climbs to the top of his structure but needs another block. He climbs down backwards, and on his last step falls back really hard and hits his head, knee and back on the ground. There is basically a lot of freaking out, much of it from Sunshine who is still climbing back down from the scaffolding. The medics take O'Neal on a stretcher as he says he has pain in his left knee. Sunshine goes with him in the ambulance.

With O'Neal off to the hospital, Sami announces that Daris won the challenge and everyone else finished, so they have no disadvantage. O'Neal is going to have the one-pound disadvantage, since he didn't finish. Koli says that this seemed unfair to him at first, but that's how life and stupid sports are. He points out that he may be able to help out O'Neal, if Sam can stay above the yellow line and O'Neal falls below.

Back at the house, Ashley tells us that she hasn't fallen below the yellow line yet, which is good. She hasn't won a challenge yet, which isn't as good, but staying above the yellow line is primo. And oh, God, this is a product placement. For something new! Yoplait Greek yogurt. Have it with a side of Jennie-O turkey and a slice of Extra Sugar-Free Gum!

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