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Holding Court

It is night, and an owl flies off of a branch to signify... something. The fact that any wise being is getting far away from the ranch, perhaps? Courtney reminds us that she and Jen were in Ojai last week, getting massages and going out to dinner. They chose not to have trainer Brett come in for a day, and this and other perhaps not so smart choices affected them on the scale. Jen lost 0 pounds, and was automatically eliminated. Courtney was in shock about it, and is upset that Jen's gone. She's now the only person left on the Red Team. Brett is focusing 100% on Courtney, because he has no other choice. She says she has to push through what's happening with her body, or she's going home. If she loses the eyeliner I'm betting she could drop an extra 3 pounds. Courtney goes to Irene, Olivia and Hannah and says she's going to need their support this week. They're all in, and Hannah even says that it's time for Courtney to be selfish and not worry about motivating the others. These guys are much better than Jen, who peer pressures you into pedicures and tasty meals.

The contestants meet up with Sami in a windy field. She tells them they've traveled hundreds of miles -- on treadmills, bikes, and the like. For this challenge, each team has a flag. They get 15 minutes, and the team that plants its flag closest to one mile from the starting point wins. There are square markers planted along the path, one of which is at an exact one-mile distance. The winning team gets a night of luxury, Hollywood style. Hannah is very excited about the process of wearing something other than sweatpants and dirty tennis shoes. Sami tells everyone that the losers have to clean every inch of the campus, from the gym to the house to Jillian's belly button. Olivia says that the gym is absolutely disgusting, and features piles and puddles of the men's sweat and spit. It is so disgusting that she wants no part of cleaning it, and would in fact rather go through 100 workouts with Bob and Jillian.

The challenge begins, and the bulk of the contestants use some combination of figuring out the distance of their stride and how many steps it will take to hit 5280 feet. Courtney is of course by her lonesome, which she thinks simplifies things. The Black Team is way in the back, and decides to speed up to make sure they're within a mile range. The black tile markers are randomly laid out and not equidistant, and it does seem like you could easily lose count. The Green Team reaches step 1760, which they estimate is about a mile, but they decide to go to the next marker to plant their flag. The Blue Team is off with their counting, and with five minutes left they start to run. They're torn between two tiles, and so panic and just pick one that's behind the Green Team. Courtney plants her flag somewhere in the middle of the other two teams. Moses hits his 1760th step, but Olivia and Irene are far ahead with the flag and can't see or hear him. He approaches them, but time is up and so they have to go to the nearest marker. Hannah worries that they were too slow, and is disappointed and also quite pissy about it.

Sami gathers the teams at the actual mile marker, where no one has planted a flag. The Green Team did not win, nor did Courtney. She's all set with the luxury anyway. The first and second place teams had a difference of only 4 feet between them, apparently. It's the Black Team that wins in the end, and so Hannah's pissiness was for naught. They get one night of luxury, Hollywood-style, and more importantly don't have to clean the disgusting ranch.

Courtney meets with Brett. She tells him that it was scary to see the low number on the scale. She's sick of her plateauing, and has steadily been going down in her pounds lost per week. Brett tells her that if her burn is really high and calories low it works for a certain amount of time, but then the body goes into starvation mode and wants to hold on to calories. Thus, they're going to raise her calories and lower her burn. Courtney wants to keep Brett in a job, and Brett very much wants the same thing, so she's going to follow his advice to the letter. She's hoping for a four-pound loss this week.

Cara meets with the Green Team, and says this is a make or break week. The Green Team had a great showing last week, and she's determined that they'll have another against all odds. As Cara has the Greens do sprints, Ken starts to have a spasm in his side. It hurts more than his already whack back, and he's concerned about it. Ken sees the medic, who tells him to keep moving and that he can walk at a fast pace. Ken knows that he's limited and that he's going to have to count on his young teammates to carry him this week. Since it's unclear what kind of numbers the already small Kaylee can pull, Austin says it might come down to him.

The Blue Team meets with Bob, and tells him about the challenge loss. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't think that the Hollywood luxury evening is a good prize anyway, and adds that cleaning the ranch will burn calories. Bob thinks that this weigh-in will be hard for the Blue Team, and says they need to be soldiers. Olivia tells us this is the first week they've seen Bob be really concerned about the gravity of the situation, and that they have no margin for error. The Black Team walks in, minus Rulon and Jillian, and Bob temporarily adopts Jay and Hannah while noting that he'd like to be a fly on the wall for Jillian's great Rulon tortilla chip beatdown of 2011.

We see Jillian enter Rulon's room. She doesn't seem to be fuming just yet. Jillian tells us that she publicly called him out on his compulsive eating at the last weigh-in, and we flash back to her telling him that he's gone rogue. She wants to see if she can help him, or if her involvement will push him in the opposite direction. I would totally mow a cheesecake if Jillian came at me full force, so I get what she's saying. She tells Rulon that he lives with cameras in the bedroom, and that she's hearing about him eating whole bags of chips and drawers of candy. Rulon tells us that in the middle of the night he felt like he deserved a tasty treat. It was good, and that's it. A stunning amount of introspection sure went into that statement.

Rulon tells Jillian that he pushes himself so hard in workouts that he deserves a treat. Jillian says that a treat is okay, but 900 calories of chips is not. There are ways of nurturing or rewarding yourself that don't involve a whole bag of Tostitos or a box of Girl Scout cookies, if you can imagine it. Rulon says that this is war, and that every week is tiring and hard. He feels like he's got to do something, give himself a reward, pull back and get away. Jillian understands feeling like you deserve something, but says that she would like Rulon to deserve to win the show, for example. He's feeling deprived, and that's triggering him, so he's turning around and rebelling by eating everything that he can. Rulon can learn to incorporate that stuff in moderation, Jillian says, but when it comes to rewarding or nurturing himself, she doesn't want him to think of food at all. He can find ways of coping with hardships that aren't destructive. For Rulon, the withdrawal of everything is oppressive, brings up feelings of deprivation, and is driving him in the opposite direction. She notes that people are expecting her to go crazy on his ass, but this is about opening a line of communication and not shaming or berating him. If she can teach him how to consume tasty yet not totally healthy foods in moderation, that will be helpful since all of that stuff will be available in the real world. Rulon says that he doesn't hope to stop his desire to eat a whole bag of Tostitos at 3 a.m., but rather hopes to understand and control it. This guy is totally going to be the refattened one on the 2013 "Where Are They Now?" special. Jillian gives Rulon a hug, and tells him that it is now time to beat his ass.

Back in the gym, Bob has his people do six sets of everything, in hopes that they'll leave pool of sweat that they'll later have to clean

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