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Holding Court
up. Moses says this is the worst workout yet. He's pushing beyond anything he believes he can do, and knows if he keeps doing this he can make it to the end. Rulon and Jillian approach the gym. Rulon says he hopes he can get his diet mistakes fine-tuned, and hopes to get an 8 pound loss. Hannah doesn't want to tell Jillian about the Black Team's challenge win until they leave, for fear that she will kill them extra. She predicts much yelling. When they finally do tell her about the evening in Hollywood, Jillian says that this is not a prize. In fact, it's terrible. She yells, "How is this an award? This is like, a bummer." She then says that she's going to burst a blood vessel in her eyeball. I'm surprised that hasn't happened already, actually. They know the next day's workout will be beatings galore, but Hannah is so keen to dress in normal clothes that she's willing to take it.

With that, it's cleaning time for the losing Losers. The kitchen is so gross, and there's even a giant roach on the floor. Moses picks it up with his bare hand. Unless that's some sort of Tongan cultural thing, there really is no reason for that. Meanwhile, Hannah puts on some eye makeup and Jay grabs an actual button-down shirt. He's thrilled to have some new duds for his skinnier self. Hannah has insane heels that are almost as big as her face. In her old life, she'd never be able to wear them, and she's never been so proud. The Black Team emerges, and everyone is impressed at their finery. Courtney tells Hannah that she's hot. She needs a better support garment for sure, but does look pretty in her sequined sleeves. Hannah feels confident and pretty as she and her teammates enter their souped-up stretch limo.

And then they're in Hollywood! Land of neon signs, cars, bright lights, and people! Hannah threatens to restrain Jay if he gets too wild. She tells us that she's a simple girl from the south who wanted to lose weight, and now she's walking down Hollywood Boulevard with all the hookers and the junkies. And it's all because she took a chance on herself. Hannah, Jay and Rulon basically just stand and look around a lot, then decide to go eat. They head to a Japanese restaurant called Geisha House, which has a lot of empty tables. With a weigh-in coming up the Black Team members agree that they need to eat healthy and avoid too much sauce and salt. They order a seaweed salad, and organic salad with dressing on side, along with a sushi roll with no rice or carbs. They also have king crab legs with citrus sauce rather than butter, and black cod with miso. They congratulate themselves on their healthy yet delicious choices, and Rulon tells us that king crab legs make him feel alive.

Hannah seems to feel quite alive herself, as she totally checks out a dude in the corner. Said dude, whose name is Ted, comes over with a sake cup and toasts them, saying that they all look pretty thin. Rulon and Jay step away from the table in quite an obvious manner to let Hannah get her flirt on. She is totally dying, but talks with Ted about where she's from, her weight loss, her college sports career and her back injury. He tries to figure out how old she is, and she says that at 32 she's an old lady. Old lady or no, Hannah is thrilled that she's learned to accept that she's beautiful. She's in the process of making a life for herself, her future husband (who is probably not Ted), her kids and grandkids. She knows that going to the gym feels awful for the first few months, but it can change your life. Hannah hugs Ted and takes her leave, because you always want to leave 'em wanting more.

Meanwhile, there's Jennie-O turkey in the kitchen! Hello, old friend. The Green Team wonders who will fall to the bottom at the weigh-in, and the Blue Team and Courtney are mentioned as possible contenders. Courtney talks to Olivia and admits that she's stressing since she has only herself to rely on. She says that there's so much pressure on her to get through this plateau, and to save Brett's job in the process. She's clearly freaking out. Olivia tells us that Courtney feels defeated, and she's trying to be encouraging. Courtney admits that she's constantly worrying about other people, a la Brett's employment prospects. She wants to break through her wall/plateau to prove to others and herself that she can get through it.

Bob greets the Blue Team with brown paper bags containing burgers and fries and fajitas. Suspicious, eh? He tells them that they worked so hard in the gym that he thought he'd bring them favorite foods of the past. Irene used to love burgers smothered in some sort of mystery sauce, as well as fries dipped in ranch dressing. Olivia loved Mexican food, and the fajitas that she is given have what seems to be a whole container of sour cream dumped on them. I don't think that's very realistic. Moses loved fast food. He said he'd drench everything in ketchup, which is filled with sugar. So basically, condiments are of the devil. Hmm, I wonder where this is going. Bob notes that he doesn't see any avocado products on their foods. Handily, he happens to have a container of Wholly Guacamole -- all natural, no preservatives, no additives, 90% avocado, 100 calories. You can find it in the produce section. Bob seems either giddy about this product or totally mortified that he has to say the words "Wholly Guacamole" repeatedly.

Last chance workout! Courtney is Brett's last chance and, though I'm sure this is news to you, she's feeling the pressure. She hopes she's doing enough. The Blue Team hits the treadmills, and Bob wants them to have laser focus. Cara has her Green Team do firefighting drills. She tries to Jillian it up, having her people carry her around in a humping-friendly position. Jillian works with her Black Team, and then we see Courtney run really fast. She's super focused, and Olivia says that this is the inspiring lady that she knows, who has the potential to win this show. She thinks Courtney is going to be okay this week. Jillian has Rulon do push-ups with his feet up on the wall, which she is very excited about. Rulon says he told Jillian that the longer he was on campus, the more you'd see his athletic ability. He is a super strong guy, and even does a headstand. Jillian loves it. Moses and the Blue Team ladies are giving cardio yoga realness. Courtney has given it her all and thinks her work will show on the scale.

With that, it's time for the weigh-in. Courtney has her hair straightened and extra eyeliner, signaling a pending dramatic event. Ken is injured and Kaylee is small, so Austin is worried and feels pressure to keep his team safe. Sami tells Courtney that if she loses the weigh-in she's automatically eliminated. Courtney feels the pressure, which is totally news that we haven't heard repeatedly in this episode. Cara tells us that she started this season with Brett, and wants him to finish with her too. If Courtney and Brett leave, she'll be heartbroken. Bob was in this situation once way back when, and hopes that for Brett's sake Courtney pulls a good number. I have to say that the lack of animosity and competitiveness amongst the old and new trainers is a real downer.

Hannah is up first for the Black Team, and hopes that her night of luxury didn't throw things off. Flirting burns calories, right? She goes from 172 to 168, for a loss of 4 pounds. She looks very relieved and says that she hasn't been in the 160s since high school. She talks about how beautiful she felt on her night out, and says that she felt normal and like a real woman. I can't believe that no one calls her out on this insanely problematic language. Real, normal, beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and ages, and it would be nice if someone acknowledged it. Olivia kind of does, as she says that she's always told Hannah that she's beautiful, and to hear Hannah say it herself is like her birthday, Christmas, and winning the lottery all in one. Hannah has lost 80 pounds total. Jay is next on the scale, and goes from 276 to 270, for a loss of 6 pounds. He hasn't been below 275 in over 25 years, so can't be too sad about that. Jay has lost 130 pounds since coming on campus. Finally, there's Rulon. He says he's been focused on his diet this week, which hopefully means no midnight snacking. Rulon goes from 325 to 318, for a loss of 7 pounds. This is an improvement from the last few weeks, and Jillian seems relatively satisfied. Rulon says that it's astounding how caring Jillian is, and that he appreciates her interest in him and feels blessed to be there. He's feeling pretty good about the fact that he's within 35 pounds of his competition weight when he won the gold medal. Rulon has lost 156 pounds so far, which is pretty amazing. The Black Team has lost 17 pounds total, or 2.20%.

The Blue Team is next, and needs to have lost more than 14 pounds collectively to best the Black Team. A very fly-looking Olivia is up first, and goes from 176 to 174 for a loss of 2 pounds. Hannah looks worried, though Olivia says

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