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New Zealand! The contestants are in Queenstown, where everything looks like the nicest postcard you've ever seen. And they still have to wear those hideous shirts. I guess it really simplifies your packing, at least. Sami greets the contestants and tells them if they thought last week was an adventure, they ain't seen nothing yet. It's true that in New Zealand they will let you do anything, no matter how ill-advised, if you sign a piece of paper. Sami adds that the adventurous spirit of New Zealand stems from the individual drive to achieve. In fact, Sir Edmund Hillary -- the first person to climb Mt. Everest -- was from New Zealand. Everyone looks slightly nervous, like they might be told that their next challenge is to climb Mt. Everest. Sami notes that while others can support you and stuff, the only person who can really get the job done is you. On your own. By yourself. Alone. As singles! Yes, there are no more times. Cue Eric Carmen singing "All By Myself."

The contestants get their original shirts back, and talk about how far they've come since they first donned those colors. Mostly, they are a lot skinner. And also maybe a little more familiar with mental health. Sami asks Kaylee what it's like without Moses, who was eliminated. She says that it's hard, but she's also ready to stand on her own. She's proud to put her gray shirt back on, and claim her singular dullness. Sami directs the contestants' attention skyward, where four legs dangle from a parachute. It's Brett! He's not unemployed after all. Brett makes all sorts of nonsensical noises to express his happiness at being back. He says that he got some great advice from Bob and Jillian, and we can also assume that his new commitment to excellence led him to ignore anything Cara said.

Cara takes Kaylee and Hannah, who are apparently adrenaline junkies, to something called Shotover Canyon Swing. A lovely associate named Claire explains that it's the world's highest cliff jump, with a platform of 109 meters or 358 feet high. You can swing through the middle of the canyon, reaching speeds of 150 kilometers per hour, or 93 miles per hour. Hannah tells us that pre-show, she was either too big or too embarrassed to do this sort of thing. She'd take the video of other people doing it. But now she is totally in the damn harness. Ditto for Kaylee, who now feels like she can do anything. We see the cliff, and boy is it narrow. Cara is jumping too, and is quite nervous. I'm nervous just looking at this shit through the screen. It's very steep. Cara flashes back to a fight she had where she was getting pummeled but refused to give up, and then jumps. She screams A LOT. Hannah and Kaylee crack up. Meanwhile, Cara feels proud of conquering her fear, but still really wants to be on solid ground.

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