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Kaylee is up next, and the crackhead adventure guide suggests that she go off the cliff backwards in a chair. Hannah quite correctly points out that it's like a backyard plastic barbeque chair. It's so fucked up, because she goes down in the chair the whole time. And yet Kaylee barely screams! She's like a superhuman. Hannah also decides to go backwards standing up. Because she's a crazy person, she does a backflip off of the platform! How is that even possible? She totally just laughs the whole time, because she's a bad-ass. Hannah has no fear anymore, which is I guess what happens when you release so many endorphins in such a short amount of time.

Meanwhile, people work out in the gym. Bob and Brett talk about how bad the number were last week, and Brett assures us that no one is going to gain weight under his watch. Jay reminds us that he gained two pounds last week, so really has to be on point this week. Kaylee also gained weight, and Brett is paying special attention to her this week so she loses what she gained and more. He notes that Kaylee needs emotional as well as physical support. She tells Brett that it always came down to her and her dad. He would get food that she knew wasn't the best, but she'd eat it anyway. Brett thinks that at this point she should have enough confidence and self-worth to put her foot down, since she knows what's right and wrong. Kaylee thinks that having her dad gone will give her independence, and help her to stand on her own two feet. She assures Brett that she'll make the choice to make it different.

Bob, meanwhile, takes a crack at Rulon and Olivia. He notes that the two of them have tension. Olivia acknowledges that there's competition between the two of them, and part of that had to do with the fact that Rulon voted for Olivia even after Moses asked him not to. She's all set with him, basically. Bob remembers how out of shape Olivia was a few months ago, and notes that now she's working out alongside an Olympic gold medalist. I mean, albeit one who still weighs 300 pounds. It's not like she's doing laps with Michael Phelps.

Meanwhile, Hannah is fearful of the prospect of going home. She wonders if she'll be able to keep up her weight loss in a situation where she doesn't have a ton of support. She says that her parents are awesome, but they're dealing with their own weight issues. She doesn't want to go home and revert to the Hannah she used to be. Cara mumbles some stuff while looking frightened. I'm sure it was very helpful though.

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