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Brett and Jay bond over being booted and then getting to come back. Brett says some encouragement, and then takes Jay and Austin on their special adventure. They're rock climbing! And this is a serious rock. Like, a mountainous rock. Brett tells them not to slip and fall. Well, yeah. He suspects that Austin and Jay will get their tails handed to them. It really does look scary as shit. And then how do you get down? Austin asks about weight limits. Nice try, kid. True story: I once went on a climb in Australia and felt an immense sense of triumph when I clawed my way to the top over what I thought was a sizeable rock. As my friends and I celebrated, we saw the following figures reaching the summit: a 90-year old guy; a small child in jelly shoes; and a man with no arms. No. Arms. People in that hemisphere do not play. Brett and company take a moment to lean back with no hands, which is definitely a "don't try at home" move. Everyone makes it to the top of the mountain and no one dies, which is a victory unto itself. Plus, there's a good view! And scaling a cliff is a great metaphor for the journey of losing a thousand pounds. Hurrah!

Bob takes Irene and Rulon on their bungee jumping adventure. They'll go 141 feet off of a bridge, which Bob thinks is hilariously funny. Irene and Rulon don't look so sure. Irene admits to freaking out, and Bob gives her a big hug of encouragement. Irene looks like she might pass out and throw up, neither of which would make for a great jumping experience. Finally, Bob counts down from three, and Irene jumps. She survives, and also seems to have a good time. She says that this journey has taught her to go all-out, because the saddest thing is going home knowing that she could have done more. Rulon, meanwhile, is actually afraid that he might die. Four years ago to the day, he tells Bob, he was in a plane accident. The plane that he was in ran into a lake in Southern Utah, hitting the water at 150 miles per hour. Rulon had to swim two miles in 43 degree water. He survived, of course, but it must be kind of eerie to jump off of a bridge on the day when you nearly bit it. Bob points out that you can also die from diabetes. He wants Rulon to have trust in him, and to jump off the bridge. Rulon agrees, and then does it. His head dips into the water, but the cord does not break. Happiness abounds!

Last chance workout! Brett works with Irene, Kaylee and Olivia to do capoeira. Jillian stays old school with some gym-based beatings. Bob tortures Austin on the treadmill, while Cara has Kaylee run steps. Cara tells us that Kaylee always settles for less, and at some point is going to have to motivate herself. Kaylee talks again about how it was kind of good to have her dad leave, but says that she's fighting not only for herself, but for everyone who believes in her. She's proved to herself that she's strong, she says, and that she can do this.

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