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Apparently Ken tells Bob that he's tired, which seems like a grave tactical mistake. There are beatings, beatings, further beatings, and beatings. Cara tells us that Hannah has been in a negative and fearful frame of mind, which has been affecting her all week. I thought she was feeling all blessed and shit after the helicopter ride? Hannah says that her goals of being an athlete got cut short, and she lived in regret for a very long time. She doesn't want that to happen now. Hannah is afraid of going home, and Cara tells her simply that life is not always fair. And then they go through some boxing drills. Hannah is freaking herself out, and Cara is frustrated. She says the words "negative mindspace" fifty times in thirty seconds, and then has Hannah punch her. That would make anyone feel better.

At last it's time for the weigh-in. Outside! Jillian has had a family emergency, so isn't attending. I hope everything is okay! Olivia has immunity, and so weighs-in first. She's totally relaxed, and looks gorgeous. Olivia goes from 172 to pounds to 168, for a loss of 4 pounds or 2.33%. She says that it was a good week, and thanks Bob for cutting the crap and helping her to find her inner athlete. Jay is next. He goes from 270 to 265 for a loss of 5 pounds or 1.85%. He says that the week was a good turning point for him, and he's proud of his rock-scaling accomplishment. Irene is next on the scale. She is apparently the biggest loser overall, and feels like this not only puts on the pressure but puts a target on her insane hourglass figure. Irene goes from 161 to 157 for a loss of 4 pounds or 2.48%. It's way more than she expected, and she's quite happy.

Rulon is next, and needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 311 to 301 for a loss of 10 pounds, or 3.22%. This dashes a lot of hopes, but is quite encouraging to Rulon. Austin is next, and tells us that although his diet has been perfect, he's not spent as much time as the gym as usual. He needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay safe. Austin goes from 255 to 250, for a loss of 5 pounds or 1.96%. He'd love to be safe, but feels pretty great to have had a fantastic New Zealand experience, and to have already lost the equivalent of a whole other person.

Ken is next. He needs to have lost more than 4 pounds to be safe. Ken goes from 247 to 243, for a loss of 4 pounds or 1.62%. Bob just shakes his head. Ken is in danger, and doesn't seem to take much comfort from the fact that Austin is safe. Hannah is next to weigh-in. She looks troubled, per usual. I think she could do with a mild anti-anxiety pill. Sami asks Hannah why she's been so stressed, and Hannah explains that she wants to make it to the end and finish on the ranch. She needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to stay safe. Hannah goes from 164 to 161, for a loss of 3 pounds or 1.83%. She starts crying, and also adds to her frown lines. Hannah knows she's done everything she can, and starts her plea for a save. Olivia implores Hannah to fight to stay there. Jay is very narrowly safe from elimination. Ken, however, is definitely below the yellow line. Kaylee is the last person to weigh in. This week, she's found the greatest love of all inside of her. She needs to have lost more than 3 pounds to stay safe. Kaylee goes from 168 to 163, for a loss of 5 pounds or 2.98%. This trumps her cumulative weight loss for the last five weeks. Kaylee is quite proud, while Hannah is crestfallen and instantly ramping up the drama.

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