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Ken addresses the other contestants, telling them that he wants to stay. He feels like it's his destiny to fight to stay for as long as he can. Ken is also grateful for the friendship and acceptance that he's found on the show. He's so emotional that he can barely speak, and says that he doesn't want to turn his emotions off any more. Austin tells us that when his dad came on the ranch 16 weeks ago, he had no idea how broken he was. This process has enabled him to put the puzzle pieces back together, and it's going to suck if he has to go home. Hannah says that when she came on campus she thought she was nothing. Because of this journey, she's been able to change that and live some kind of life. She's usually the person who doesn't fight for herself, but this time she's fighting. She feels like she has more to do and needs more help. Olivia adds that in Hannah's adult life, she's always been the girl who got really close but never finished. She doesn't want to see Hannah have that same fate now. Kaylee relates to Hannah's plight, but on the other hand has been close to Ken throughout the competition. Either way, she says, it's bad times.

With that, it's elimination time. Austin says that he loves Hannah, but of course has to vote for her. Similarly, Olivia is quite fond of Ken but could never vote out her sister. She casts a vote for Ken. Irene and Hannah are like sisters, so she votes for Ken as well. Kaylee is torn, but votes for Hannah. Jay feels a certain kinship with Ken, but votes for him anyway. Hannah was part of the team that brought him back, after all. With three votes, the best outcome Ken can hope for is a tie. But even this is a bad outcome, because he's the person with the lowest percentage of weight lost, and so is automatically eliminated. Austin cries and tells Ken that he loves him and couldn't be more proud. Ken has had to fight through a lot of pain, and has done so much. He's lost weight, and has begun to deal with some memories, and Austin is thankful that they've had this time together. Ken is similarly proud of Austin, and calmly says that he's okay with going home. There are hugs all around.

Ken tells us that words can't express how grateful he is for this journey. He has a lot more confidence, and doesn't have the same level of struggle every day just to exist. He faced some of his greatest fears in New Zealand, and looks forward to getting home and making some permanent changes in his life. His family and his life will never be the same, he says. The next time we see Ken, he'll be taking his family on some new adventures, and they will be great.

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