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We catch up with Ken today. He started on the show at 377 pounds, and now weighs 238. That's a loss of 139 pounds! New Zealand brought out Ken's adventurous side, and so he takes his kids paragliding. Fun! A year ago he would never have dreamed of doing this, much less doing it with his kids. He says that his kids are much less afraid now, and no longer think that he's going to collapse or die or whatever. The paragliding happens, and it's a lovely sight. Ken's daughter, Abby, says that to run off a cliff with her dad was a big deal. His appearance on the show changed not just him and Austin, but their entire family. Abby tells us that it's indescribable to know that her dad is okay and healthy, and I start to tear up for the first time in several episodes. Damn you, show! Ken was inspired by his trip to New Zealand and plans to return to help fight obesity.

Next week: Favorite contestants return! Paying it forward, etc. And for the first time in Biggest Loser history, someone walks off the ranch.

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