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The challenge and the climbing begins. Sunshine tells us that not only is the machine going faster than she's used to but, being suspended in the air, the machine is a bit wobbly. At two minutes in, Ashley is getting low on her ladder. She pushes it in an effort to avoid being the first one out, but she doesn't succeed. At three minutes, she's the first person to fall and gets the one-pound disadvantage. She's disappointed in herself. At five minutes in, Mike is the second person to fall in the water. The remaining four are machines on the machines, though, and all are still climbing at forty minutes. That's some serious willpower. Ashley has no idea how they're all staying on there, since the three minutes she managed to stay on were pure hell. At forty-five minutes, Sunshine falls in the water and it's down to the big boys. Sam knows that Koli will throw it if they're the final two, so he tells us it's up to the two of them to collectively beat Daris. For his part, Daris is tired of the Gray Team winning challenges. He wants to win something fierce.

At fifty-five minutes, Sam stumbles and is out. This leaves Koli and Daris to battle it out for the win. Koli says he isn't tired at all. Daris is prepared to be on the ladder all night. The two of them start talking, which is always a bad idea. Koli tells us that this challenge is more mental than physical, so he talked to Daris to get a sense of where he's at. Koli doesn't even care so much about the one-pound advantage, but really wants to win. At ninety minutes, the two guys are still going. Daris starts to fade, but then scrambles to get back on track. He has visions of his proud family gazing upon his new haircut, and it keeps the pain away. At two hours, these bitches are still going! Sami totally can't wait for one of them to fall. She's all, "You've been at this for TWO. HOURS." Sami wants to go to bed. Daris and Koli show no signs of giving up, though. They must be getting some sort of major calorie burn here, too. Sam, as he often does, gets metaphorical about the climbing. At two and a half hours, Sami is all, "Seriously, guys?" Daris agrees. With an, "Aw, screw it," he gives up and falls into the water. Koli wins! Everyone can now go home. Koli says that this is one of the proudest moments of his life, and he has a newfound sense of confidence.

And then, hey! It's Bob and Jillian. I've missed them this episode. Bob tells Daris that he has a pompadour, which is totally true. The trainers tell the contestants how great they all look. They've come a long way. Ashley tells the trainers that she got the one-pound disadvantage at the challenge, and that Koli and Daris tested everyone's patience by being on Jacob's ladder for two and a half hours straight. Bob and Jillian are fantastically impressed to learn of Koli and Daris's fabulous performance. Daris admits that he quit and jumped off the ladder, and is now mad at himself. He felt like he had more in him and could do it all night long, but decided at two and a half hours that it was enough. Bob tells him that there's a mental strength that's lacking in him, and they still need to work on that.

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