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Last chance workout! Beatings, beatings, beatings. Jillian is ready to pound on Ashley, to make sure that she sticks around for another week. She's not going to let Ashley go home without a fight, particularly given her amazing physical and mental transformation. Ashley has toughened up a bunch since the first day on campus, and seems to appreciate how much Jillian is kicking her butt. She wants to make it to the final four, and thinks she can win.

Bob, meanwhile, works with Daris. He asks where his head is right now, and notes that he's pissed about Daris giving up in the challenge. Daris says that at that time, the challenge wasn't worth it to him and he wondered what the point was. Bob says that a one-pound advantage would have been worth it. He's mad that Daris broke, when he doesn't usually break. Bob doesn't want Daris to start tripping up when he's so close to being in the final four. He says not to give up, because Daris will regret it if he does. He needs to be relentless, and stronger than ever. Daris understands. Bob gives him a mondo last chance workout, and tests his will with a very painful looking squat with arms extended. Daris's test is to do it for 20 seconds. Bob says that Daris's last chance workout was so hard that neither he nor Jillian could do it. Daris doesn't stop, though, and holds his impossible position for 20 seconds. Point proven. Then Daris gets forced to run like crazy on the treadmill, and at one point he totally flies off the treadmill and onto his face, but just gets right back on. Bob is suitably impressed. Daris says that this fascist workout has actually given him more inner strength, more confidence in what he can do, and the belief that he can win this competition. He's going to do everything he can to be number one.

Weigh-in! The two people with the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the yellow line, and one of them will be voted out. Koli and his one-pound advantage weigh in first. He goes from 259 pounds to 244, for a loss of a whopping 15 pounds! Holy crow! He really, really didn't need that one-pound advantage. With it, he's lost 6.18%. Is that some sort of record? Wow. Michael is next. He goes from 343 pounds to 334, for a loss of 9 pounds or 2.62%. He hopes that it's a number that will keep him on campus, where he still needs to be. Bob tells us that, given that Michael's such a big guy, he's not sure if 9 pounds will be enough.

Daris is up next, and needs to have lost more than 13 pounds to be safe. He goes from 214 to 205, for a loss of 9 pounds. He says that he's not guaranteed safe, but feels great about that number. He's lost 4.21%. Sunshine is next, and needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 187 to 179, for a loss of 9. Wow! She's definitely safe with 4.81%. Sam is next on the scale, and needs to have lost more than 10 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 240 to 238, for a loss of 2 pounds. He says he does the best he can, and is focused on celebrating the small victories. Bob says that they've never had a contestant walk out of the door as healthy as Sam is now. Looking at his rippling arm muscles, it's hard to argue with that. Jillian agrees that he's been an exemplary role model, both in the house and for the rest of us poor schlubs on the couch. With a loss of .83%, Sam has fallen below the yellow line. Daris is definitely safe.

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