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Sam heads home, and his family awaits him. He's given a hero's welcome, and wears his shades inside because he's a cool character. Sam's sister, Sheri, says that he took her breath away. I mean, he looks so fly. But it's more than a physical transformation -- she says it was evident that a burden has been lifted off of his shoulders. Sam feels love walking into the house, and happiness. He will forever be thankful for it. This is his moment, he says, and he's finally lived up to his potential. He's happy to be home, because home is everything. Sam's mom, Janet, is thrilled to have him back. Sam tells us that he can do whatever he sets out to do. When Sam started The Biggest Loser he weighed 372 pounds. He now weighs 236 pounds. Since leaving the ranch, he's only lost 2 pounds. He tells us that he's the only person in the show's history to reach his goal weight on the ranch. He's not trying to lose any more weight. He's lost 136 pounds, which is plenty. And he's moved to L.A.! He has a new roommate -- it's Stephanie! They're totally dating! I mean, living together/dating. That's serious. Apparently they started their relationship in week three on campus. They've gone through a huge transformation together, and are there for each other every day. Stephanie tells us that she believes she was chosen for The Biggest Loser to save her mom's life, save her own life, and meet Sam. They're totally cute! Sam says that he comes home to his at-home prize every day, and that's where he's won. Stephanie tells us that Sam is a guy's guy and a heartthrob, and generally awesome all around. They run on the beach together and are totally in love and stuff. Sam is happy. Like, HAPPY. Now that Sam has reached his goal weight, he's excited about helping Stephanie to reach hers.

Next week: Michael has rage! And re-fattened season three winner Eric comes back. AND the person with the lowest percentage of weight lost is automatically eliminated.

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