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Tonight, so nothing distracts you from watching the premiere of the incessantly advertised The Voice, The Biggest Loser is a mere one hour long. Sweet balm for the soul! The contestants return to the ranch after getting back from New Zealand, and Hannah tells us that it's good to be home. Austin says that it sucks to come back without Ken, who was just eliminated. At age 21, for the first time in his life, he says, he's really alone. He never moved out of his parents' house, and says that it's strange to be in a position where he has to trust himself. The last thing he wants to do is walk out of the house the week after his dad leaves, because then he'll have completely failed him. If he goes home, however, he has no one but himself to blame. He has the weight to lose, and now it's up to him to lose it. The poor kid seems very stressed.

Irene tells us that New Zealand was a great experience, and she learned that physically she can do almost anything. We flash back to her bungee jumping like a champ. Irene is two pounds shy of losing 100 pounds. If she reaches that goal, she'll be the first woman this season to do so. She's also the current Biggest Loser, which is pretty phenomenal and also a lot of pressure. Irene has been so low key about it all that you kind of forget how solidly she's kicking ass.

Sami greets the contestants and tells them that this week they're going to celebrate the best of the best from seasons past. It's favorites week! They will bring back some all-time favorite contestants. Hannah runs down her favorites, who include season five's Brittany, the amazing Tara from season seven, Tongan cousins Sami and Koli, Ali Vincent, who was the first female winner in season five, and season eight winner Danny. I'm guessing these are the folks who will be on campus, but who knows with this show. They just love to show old clips.

The contestants enter the gym and find Ali Vincent and Tongan Sam waiting for them. Olivia is thrilled. We get a super fast montage of Ali's journey, and she tells us that in the last three years she has written a book and traveled around the country, speaking to groups ranging from 100 to 5,000 people. A lot of people want to know what the secret is to losing a zillion pounds in ten weeks, and Ali is there to tell them that there is no secret. I wonder if they ever ask for their money back. Sam tells us that he's now a personal trainer at the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge. He's also, of course, planning his marriage to fellow contestant Stephanie. If you'll recall, Sam proposed to her on a "Where Are They Now" special, which was sweet yet horrifying. He's happy to be back and to have the opportunity to train the current contestants. Sam tells the group that he was the first contestant to ever leave the campus at his goal weight. Everyone has an all or nothing feeling about getting to the finale, he says, but ultimately it's about the rest of your life. Rulon tells us that he's within 15 pounds of his goal weight, which is his competition weight, and would be fine with going home early. Doesn't Rulon still weigh like 300 pounds? Is he still actually a competitive wrestler? Something seems amiss.

Ali and Sam give the contestants comparatively gentle beatings. They start out with a 5K, and then move to circuit training. Ken notes that Ali got eliminated, came back, and won her season. He's hoping that he might be able to do the same.

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