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What have I done today to make me feel proud? I actually kind of did a thing that engenders prideful feelings. I started the Couch to 5K program! After I saw Michael, at 350 pounds, run five miles, I figured that I could at least get to the point of running a 5K. I always want to make fun of the Losers when they talk about inspiring people, but apparently it's true. I only felt like I was going to die right at the end, and then it was over! Victory.

Speaking of Mike, he tells Daris and Ashley how thankful he is that they didn't send him home. Ashley tells him to pay it forward if one of them falls below the yellow line. We are reminded that Sam went home, where he was both sweet and hot with his girlfriend Stephanie. Mike tells us that the power dynamics have shifted, and now the alliance of himself, Daris and Ashley have the upper hand against Koli and Sunshine. Ashley tells us that this is the do or die week -- one person has to leave, and then it's the final four. She seems pretty confident in her alliance, and says if any of them falls below the yellow line with Koli or Sunshine, they're golden.

Meanwhile, Koli is still a bit shell-shocked. He thinks that the logic behind Daris and Ashley's decision to keep Mike there is ridiculous. Sunshine agrees, and calls Daris and Ashley stupid and delusional. Koli explains that he and Sunshine are going to be above the yellow line this week, and Mike will probably also have a killer number given his poor performance last week. Essentially, they gave away one of their own spots in the final four when they gave up the chance to take out one of the strongest competitors. A fire has been lit under Koli's toned butt, and he resolves to kill it this week. He tells us that an animal has been created and says with absolute clarity, "I'm going to win the show." I think he just convinced me, actually.

The contestants meet Sami outside. She tells them that four months ago they stood on a scale publicly and set out on a mission to change their lives. This week will end on a scale. And there will be no yellow line! And no vote. Friendships and alliances won't help at all. The person with the lowest percentage of weight lost will fall below the red line, and get an authoritative boot. Ashley realizes that all of her strategery was for naught. This does, of course, mean that the players above the red line are automatically in the final four. Mike tells us that he's not going to have come this far and go home empty handed. He wants and deserves to be in the final four.

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