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Today, the show has brought in some people who know a little something about winning. Losers past! The first to come out is season seven winner Helen, who at 48 was the oldest winner in Biggest Loser history, and lost 140 pounds. Helen emerges, wearing some unfortunate jeans but otherwise looking fab. Ashley loves Helen, and remains in Pink Team solidarity with her. Helen says that she feels like she's home, and it's good to be back. And with such a wrinkle-free face! Methinks Helen has gotten a little of the old nip/tuck. The next Loser past lost 214 pounds, which was a Biggest Loser record. Oh, and it's that poor guy who got fat again -- season three's Erik, to be precise. Erik tells us that he maintained his fit self for about a year and a half, and then started to struggle with his weight. Apparently he had some sort of a midlife crisis which led to depression, which led to bad eating and not much working out. He's done a bit of soul searching, and had a humiliating bout on the "Where Are They Now" special, and now is back on the horse. He's lost about 70 pounds, and is back down to 300. You know, it must be something to have to lose 150 plus pounds AGAIN. His poor skin. Erik says that he's looking forward to getting back to a comfortable, reasonable weight. Sunshine's heart is breaking for Erik, and she hopes that he'll share his story so she can understand what happened. Cheesecake, I'd say.

Erik simply says that he was spinning out of control and got up to 368 again, and tells the Losers that they don't want to go through their mondo weight loss journey twice. Sami leaves the contestants to hang out with Erik and Helen. Erik says that he stumbled, and there are some telltale signs of trouble. If they like to eat and associate food with good times, he says, it's a problem. When weight creeps on they'll say that they can knock it off in a few weeks, since they know so much and have done it already, and give themselves a pass. More passes equal more pounds, and then you're the "before" picture of Jared from Subway. Mike says that Erik is a prime example that things don't end when the cameras stop rolling. He has to continue his healthy ways so he doesn't end up miserable and depressed and fat again.

Helen and Erik break up for some one-on-ones. Helen first meets with her Pink sister Ashley. Ashley has realized that she needs a gameplan for after the finale. She apparently likes to party and drink it up, and says that even though she's changed things will still be the same at home. It's going to be a challenge, because her family and friends are living a lifestyle she can't live anymore. Helen suggests that Ashley sit her friends down and tell them that she's still on a journey, and it's about the rest of her life. Tell the friends to keep the margaritas away, in other words. That's a sad statement, but probably necessary.

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