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Mike asked to talk with Helen and Erik together. He tells them that he started at 526 pounds and is down to 334. Is Helen wearing a wig? Sorry, I got distracted. Mike says that everyone's put so much emphasis on how much weight he's lost, but his finish line is really far away. Nobody else knows what it feels like to be the heaviest contestant, and they're close to their goals. Mike still has over 100 pounds to lose. Erik tells him not to get caught up in how much he has to lose and how insurmountable it feels. He's doing a great job, and should just keep doing what he's doing. Mike says he's starting to get a complex, and is in fact feeling anxious as he sits and talks to them because he thinks he should be working out. It's driving him crazy. He knows he has to be realistic, and focus on making healthy living a lifestyle. Helen tells Mike that he'll be able to find the balance that he needs to find. Mike cries, and Helen runs over and gives him a big hug. She tells him that she went crazy when she went home, and understands. An emotional Mike asks who leaves a reality show about weight loss and is still obese. Helen and Erik both tell him that he needs to stop thinking like that. Mike knows that he's being neurotic. Helen says that he'll be able to work through the pain, and should know that he's making the changes to live a healthy lifestyle in the long term.

With Erik and Helen gone, the contestants hit the gym and meet with the trainers. Bob asks about the elimination, and Mike explains that the voting was split. Bob and Jillian seem to be well aware of the alliances, and also note that there's some serious tension in the room. Mike explains about the red line, and the trainers get it. Bob is wearing a logo sweatshirt of some sort, and looks like his boobs have been blurred. Having a nip slip through a sweatshirt is some kind of feat. But if anyone can do it, Bob can. Koli explains that there's no animosity about the decision, but Bob, Ashley and Daris all agree that the air is thick. Daris surmises that Koli wasn't happy with the decision, and Koli tells him not to guess what he's feeling. Koli continues that he doesn't give a fuck -- the final four is his, and he's taking it. Sam's gone, and Koli's left, and he's focused on the final four. Jillian notes that the contestants are frothing for beatings, so there's no reason to waste anymore time. Beatings will be imparted, per usual.

Several contestants do a 5K on the treadmill as Bob has Mike do some leg presses and Koli boxes Jillian. Mike tells Bob that he's in a bad place. Bob knows this, and feels like a little therapy might be in order. Bob reminds Mike how far he's come. Mike says that's amazing, but at the end of the night he's not happy at 334. Who leaves The Biggest Loser fat, he asks? Bob points out that Mike came to the show at 526 pounds. He has to celebrate what he's done in the house in such a short amount of time so he can continue to push forward. Mike says that he still feels pain. Bob says that's natural, but he's different. He shouldn't look so far in the future that he can't enjoy what he's doing here and now. Mike is clearly tweaked in the brain. Bob says that Mike looks around at Daris and Koli, who are looking great, and doesn't see how good he looks himself. He doesn't want to hear it. Bob continues his pep talk, and Mike erupts into a rage. It's a little scary, actually. He punches and rattles the equipment, and then screams that Bob's a fucking idiot and walks out, swearing all the while. Jillian is surprised that someone besides her invoked all that rage.

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