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Bob follows Mike outside. Mike wants to walk it off, but Bob won't let him. He asks what the hell is going on. Mike says he's feeling ashamed. He almost went home last night, and everything is a struggle. It's not easy, and it's not fun. Everything is against him, he screams, like it has been his whole life. He doesn't want to be like this anymore. He continues to scream that he went through the makeover and still had to go to a fat man store. Bob understands, but still won't let Mike forget how far he's come. He's broken every single record on the show. Everything is relative, and this is about him -- not anyone else who is in the gym. He has to wrap his brain around this, or he'll fall below the red line. Bob believes in Mike, and doesn't want him to let his pain get the best of him. He's at the one yard line, and has the strength to handle everything this week. He's done a lot already, and is going to do even more in the future. Mike says he'll be proud and happy of himself at the finale, and Bob tells him that he needs to be proud and happy of himself now. Mike caves and apologizes, and they hug. Bob says the moment was cathartic, because Mike got it all out and can now move ahead.

With the red line looming, the trainers want to make sure that every single contestant gives it all they have, so they have no regrets. Everyone has a serious focus on being in the final four. Daris lifts weights and does some sort of squatty lungey things and looks cute in his orange bandana. Sunshine and Ashley work on the rowing machine. We flash back to Ashley on the same machine in week two. She reminds us that she was the underdog, but warned everyone that she was going to creep up like a ninja on their asses. And she did. Mike works out in peace, and is much more centered since he was allowed to freak out. He's honed in on the prize once again, and nothing's going to deter him from that path.

With that, it's the last challenge on campus! Daris reminds us that he quit last week, and wants to win this one just to prove to himself that he can. The contestants are in the site of a classic Biggest Loser "put the weight back on" challenge, which viewers voted on. This is the same challenge from two seasons ago. At the starting line is a bag that contains the amount of weight each contestant has lost in the competition. Each bag is emblazoned with a picture of the contestants as they started. They are going to run up sixteen hills of sand -- one for every week they've been in the competition. The first fifteen are at the bottom of a canyon. At the top of each hill, each contestant will remove the amount of weight that they lost in the corresponding week of the competition. For the final hill, they'll return to where they're standing now -- on a big hill, naturally -- and throw their last remaining weight and bag over the edge. The first person to make it back wins, and will receive $10,000. Not too shabby!

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