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It's in the Bag

Sunshine will be carrying 97 pounds. Ashley will be carrying 136 pounds. Daris will be carrying 141 pounds. Koli will carry 159 pounds. And Michael will carry 192 pounds. Mike is not happy, but really can't do much about it. The challenge begins! Daris, Sunshine, and Koli are the first out of the gate. Koli drops a whopping 29 pounds, which was a pretty great first-week loss. Everyone is astounded that they were carrying this amount of weight on their bodies for so long. Mike says it's an awesome reminder of how miserable he was. At week 5, Daris still has a narrow lead. Ashley is having a hard time at the fourth hill, which is from hell. She can't get her bag of weight up, and is also reminded of how miserable she was when this same amount of weight was hanging on her bones. She's determined never to see that weight again.

Daris stays in the lead, and as he continues to get rid of his weight, his load gets lighter. He drops five pounds at week 15, and has nine more pounds to lose. No one else seems close to him, so I think he's soon going to be ten grand heavier. He sprints to the finish line, officially wins, and throws his bag and remaining nine pounds over the edge of the canyon. Daris tells us that, in addition to getting rid of the bag, he maybe got rid of a little baggage. Sunshine and Koli arrive at the finish line at about the same time and toss their bags. Daris, meanwhile, heads out to help Mike and Ashley with their bags, followed by Sunshine and Koli. Ashley finally finishes, and tells us that, at 136 pounds lighter, she's not the same person as she was. Mike throws down 15 pounds at week 15, and heads to the finish line. He says there was no giving up on this challenge, because that would signify giving up on the rest of his life, which is not an option. As he tosses his bag over the side of the canyon he screams, "Never again!" He tells us that as soon as he got rid of the bag, he also got rid of the pain and anger that he'd been feeling all week.

Sami tells the contestants that they did an amazing job. Two seasons ago, Tara finished this challenge in 45 minutes. Daris shaved 10 minutes off that time, which is pretty fantastic. No one was more hard-core than Tara! Daris has won $10,000, but there is also a twist. He can trade the cash for a one-pound advantage at this week's weigh-in. Daris says that he has some student loans that he could take care of with the money, but he's going to trade it for the pound. It's not a hard decision for him.

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