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Hour two begins, as it often does, with a product placement for Jennie-O Turkey. Bob enters the kitchen and says he's going to take the contestants somewhere special. They're going shopping! Suddenly, they're in Dick's or something. Since they've lost so much weight, they can go shopping anywhere at this point, Bob tells them. Cut to Mike. Way to give the guy more of a complex. There's a special guest -- Tony Romo! Everyone is a little star struck, perhaps because they're big Jessica Simpson fans. Tony tells the contestants that they're inspiring others, and changing people's lives. If they can keep that approach and understand it's not just about them, that will make it easier for them to continue to improve each day. Tony tells us that he's inspired by the contestants -- it takes a special person to really commit to something the way they have. Danskin has some sort of Biggest Loser tie-in, so they get a plug.

Bob is taking the contestants on a hike next, and Tony joins them. Everyone sprints off, and eventually they come to a lovely, high view. Tony has more inspiration to share. He says that his football team always talks about how it's not about any one of them individually. The Losers might get in the individual mindset, but they have support systems both on and off the ranch. Inspiration, motivation, fatties at home, blah blah blah.

Back at the ranch, it's time for videos. No popcorn, though. Daris watches a video of himself getting weighed in front of a crowd of people, and talking about it. He cries as he watches himself say, so sweetly and sincerely, that he'll do everything he can to make them proud. Daris continues to watch his journey, which ends by himself at the beginning of the season imploring him to never be this way again. As he cries, Daris becomes full-on hot. I still predict that he's going to make the best boyfriend ever for some lucky Oklahoma lady.

Sunshine watches her video with Jillian. Beginning-of-season Sunshine says that she's never been on a date or had a boyfriend or kissed a boy, and current Sunshine really starts to cry. Old Sunshine was always smiling, but it was all for show. There are lots of tears on the video and off, and the gradual increase of happiness and confidence that we see in Sunshine is really lovely and moving. Jillian even gets teary as she watches O'Neal talk about letting Sunshine go. Old Sunshine tells new Sunshine that she looks beautiful and has done it, and can never go back. She deserves to be happy, says old Sunshine, and anything is possible. Sunshine didn't realize until today, after seeing how far she's come, that she can let go, go home, and be okay. She's ready.

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