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Koli started the season at 403 pounds, and continually kicked ass. There were, of course, many moving moments between Sam and Koli. As we watch Sam tell Koli that he loves and is proud of him, current Koli cries. Old Koli tells new Koli that if he's made it this far, he's done great. He wants new Koli to remember all the mornings he didn't want to get up, or the times he felt inadequate. Old Koli wants new Koli to be the better person -- brother, cousin, father, husband -- that he wants to become. The journey isn't over today or tomorrow, old Koli says, so he needs to keep pressing on. Koli tells us that he's accomplished what he came here to do -- to change himself, gain self esteem and self worth, and know who he is. This is the happiest he's ever been.

Ashley is next to get the video treatment, and can't believe how large she was when she started. We see Ashley's first days on campus, in which she kind of sucked and slid off the treadmill onto her butt. Ashley laughs and says she'll never live that down. There's a touching moment with Sherry and Ashley, where Ashley wonders what will happen if she goes on the show and can't do it. Sherry replies, "But what if you go in there and you can?" We see Ashley pull Jillian on a rope, and an Ashley-in-progress say that she feels unstoppable. There's also the moment where Ashley confronted Sherry about letting go, and Sherry was in full agreement that both of them had to fly with their own wings. Fat Ashley tells skinny Ashley to never come back to her heavy ways, and to kick butt. Ashley says to Jillian that she was huge, and Jillian agrees that she had a foot in the grave. Ashley says that, even though she's not completely finished, she's had a great head start.

Finally there's Mike, who sits with Bob. We see Mike at the beginning, weighing 526 pounds and feeling like life is passing him by. He says that he never in his worst nightmares would have dreamed that he'd be this big. And then the weight loss started. Mike dropped double digits several weeks in a row, and was elated. He dedicated his weight loss to his grandma. And then Mike ran five miles with his big afro at 372 pounds. That really was a moment. Old Mike asks new Mike if he's hurting from the workouts. He reminds him that pain is what he lives with right now -- the pain of being overweight, which he never wants to go back to. Old Mike tells new Mike not to quit, because he's so close. Mike can see the pain in his old self, and says it's tough. There are a lot of bad memories, and someday soon Mike says he'll get to be reborn in this new life that he's creating for himself. He's lost 192 pounds, and finally seems to be getting that this is a major feat.

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