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The last leg has Allie, Jessica and Tina competing for safety. Jessica takes an early lead and though Allie gives it a good fight, the flag belongs to Jessica. This leaves Allie and Tina in the bottom two, which is in fact a very sad situation. The eight people who were above the yellow line initially will be voting. Tina and Allie get to plead their cases. Allie cries and says that she's not ready to go home, and doesn't have a support system. She needs to stay on campus and learn more -- she's terrified to go home, because she doesn't think she'll make it. Tina is having mixed feelings. She's a mom and has a daughter who's Allie's age, and part of her wants to tell them to send her home and keep Allie. However, she's realized that this is what she always does -- sacrificing her own needs for others. Tina says that she needs to be there. Nobody is excited about deciding to send one of them home.

The elimination ceremony takes place in the airplane hangar. Sami points out that the oldest contestant and the youngest contestant are in the bottom two. Aaron votes for Tina, who apparently expressed some ambivalence about whether she wants to be there. Tina acknowledges that she has wavered, but realized tonight that she might not be able to do this by herself. Brendan cast his vote purely by lowest percentage of weight loss, for purposes of fairness, and so voted to eliminate Allie. Ada thinks that Tina has a higher chance of succeeding at home, so votes to eliminate her. Rick votes to send home Allie, with a little note of "sorry." Mark also votes for Allie. Jesse says that one person has to fix this problem a lot faster, and so he votes to send Allie home. Allie has four votes, and if she gets one more she'll be eliminated. Frado says that he's gotten to know one of these women a little better than the other, and thinks that one wanted it more tonight. He voted for Allie. Wow, that's kind of a shocker. Allie says that she's terrified to go home. I'm frankly a little scared for her as well.

Allie tells us that she wanted to be at the ranch, but can't dwell on what she can't change. She's mad, but wants to turn that anger into something productive. She's learned that she can push herself a lot harder than she thought, and vows to give it her all at home. The next time we see Allie, she says, she'll be strong, confident, beautiful woman. We catch up with Allie at home, and learn that she now weighs 262 pounds -- that's a total loss of 60 pounds. Not bad! Allie called her mom before she came home and told her to get rid of the chocolate in the house. She came home to find chocolate sitting on the counter. This made her feel like all of her fears came true. Allie's mom didn't want to help her, which hurt a lot. Allie tells us that because she couldn't reach out to her immediate family (e.g. asshole mom), she reached out to her Biggest Loser family. We then cut to Danny, our season eight winner, and see him giving Allie a massive pep talk. He takes her rock climbing, too! He seems like the nicest guy, and it's so sweet that he's being her support system. Allie is currently a size 18 and plans to be a size 8 by the finale. A weird footnote tells us that she has recently started speaking to her mother. I hope it is either in the context of therapy, or to scream at her about how lousy she is.

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