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In the gym, Bob works with three of the teams, and Arthur yells that he's turned a corner. Bob rubs his hands together with lascivious delight. Meanwhile, Jillian is not to be outdone and boxes with the other teams. Take that, Unknown Lady Trainer! Do you NOT have a degree in psychology, with which you fake-psychoanalyze emotionally vulnerable contestants and make them cry? Oh, wait. Well, even so, I bet you don't look so hot in men's sweatshirts. Jillian starts to go after Jennifer, asking if she really has ever reached for anything. Doritos on the top shelf, maybe. Jennifer tells us that she's never "really" completed her goal of being a very fit, active, healthy person. Shocker, I know. She's lost and gained weight repeatedly. Jennifer thinks that working through all the obstacles on campus is what's going to change her thinking forever. Also: Dr. Phillian. Hannah says that seeing Jillian with boxing gloves is scary, but Jillian tells them that being in the gym with Bob is a horror show in its own right.

But really, Bob is telling his Knowns to think about the families that are supporting them and rooting for them at home. Dan starts to cry. Or maybe it's sweat. At this point it's hard to tell. Bob tells us that Marci is carrying around a lot of guilt, not only because she works at a gym and is overweight, but because her daughter got to be over 400 pounds. Marci admits this, but Courtney says that it's her own fault -- she made her own choices, and this is her problem, and she's taking care of it. And doing so in quite an awesome fashion, if I may add. Arthur weighs 5,000 pounds, and also has some issues in the head. He tells Bob that it's tough to know that you haven't lived up to your potential. He had everything, he said, and was going to play pro football, but he let it all go. He got hooked up with the wrong crowd, chased girls, and stopped going to class. So he lost everything. Bob tells Arthur that he's been trying to kill himself slowly. Arthur starts to cry, and then doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Bob says that you can't walk away from your feelings and think that they'll go away. If you keep doing that, you'll get forklifted out of your house, which Arthur was one tub of buffalo wings away from. Bob has Arthur run for 30 seconds. Triumph of the spirit! He does it, despite thinking that he couldn't. And it's all thanks to Bob and his belief that Arthur could do it. The sooner Arthur can be dialed in, says Bob, the better.

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