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Meanwhile, The Knowns get another message from The Unknowns. It's a video this time, featuring Moses. He reminds The Knowns that he's the guy who lost 41 pounds last week. That's a tie for the Biggest Loser who lost the most weight in one week. Justin and Rulon are the team who lost the most weight -- 27 and 32 pounds respectively. Dumb Deni lost 7.42% of her weight -- the highest percentage of weight lost for all the women in the competition. They're all burning a shit-ton of calories, and also talking a lot of smack. Arthur wants to send The Unknowns some pizza as retribution, but Marci is too clever for that shit and says she doesn't want to give them the time of day. She wants them to wonder why The Knowns aren't worried about them. They can talk all the smack they want, she says, but The Knowns aren't going to react to their silly messages. And with that, it's time to hit the gym again.

It's a new day, and The Knowns travel to Marine Stadium in Long Beach. Sami tells them that they're competing against The Unknowns in today's challenge. Their job is to get everyone from the beach across the canal using a set of rafts to build a bridge. The first part of the bridge will be from the shore to a pier, where they'll get another set of rafts to build a bridge to the finish point. The Unknowns completed this challenge a few hours ago, with a time of 38 minutes and 23 seconds. They did so by utilizing a technique involving a lot of rolling and collaborative teamwork. If The Knowns beat that time, they'll get a three-pound advantage on the scale. If they don't, The Unknowns will get those three pounds.

The Knowns discuss their strategy, which seems to be all over the place. Courtney tells us that the communication wasn't working. Watching them talk about this makes me need more wine. Before they know it, Sami sounds the horn and it's time to begin. They still haven't really solidified a strategy. They end up smushing poor Irene under a raft. She's basically in the middle of a raft sandwich. Rafts are floating everywhere, and the leaderless Knowns are not getting very far. Sami points out that Jay is standing on the shore and not doing anything. The clock ticks down, and with ten minutes left The Knowns have not quite made it to the first pier. They are so not winning this. Indeed, not all of the team members have made it to the halfway point by the time the 38 minutes ends. The Knowns are demoralized, and facing a three-pound disadvantage. That was seriously one of the saddest displays I've ever seen on this show, and I recapped the season of Heba.

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