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Moses, meanwhile, has bursitis in his knee and enjoys shadow boxing. He also has a family that he loves. Kaylee is proud of Moses, and knows that her mom would also be proud to see the drive that he's been exhibiting. Moses cries and says he's ashamed that he hasn't been the husband and father that his family deserves. I guess without Jillian on hand the contestants have to psychoanalyze themselves. Moses tells us that if his wife and his girls are standing by his side in the end, it's worth everything.

The Knowns chat and then get a visit from Bob. Turns out Jillian isn't feeling so well this week, and so Bob gets to handle the whole group by himself. He learns about the challenge loss, and tells his people that they're not going to let the three-pound disadvantage mess them up. They've got to work their butts off in the last-chance workout, and hope for the best. They have heart and passion and brains, and he tells them that this is going to be a good day. We see the various last-chance workouts of The Knowns and The Unknowns. Unknown Lady Trainer instructed Austin to look in the mirror and figure out what makes him who he is. An adorable mop top, perhaps? Austin says that he doesn't make sense to himself anymore, because the decisions he's made to get where he is don't make sense. He's realized that this isn't only a weight-loss journey. New drinking game rule: sip on some Bailey's every time someone says "journey." Rulon carries Unknown Lady Trainer around, and it only makes me miss Jillian. How will this show possibly go on without her?

Bob works the crap out of his people, too. Arthur is having some problems with his legs, and so Bob instructs him to walk the presidential mile in perpetuity. Bob tells the other Knowns to think about the number they want and envision it. Courtney would like to lose 9 pounds, which would put her under 300. Don reminds us how his son said he didn't want anything to do with him as long as he was killing himself through fat. This has clearly hurt him deeply, and while he sees it as a personal failing, I see it as evidence that his son is kind of a d-bag. Bob invokes the story of David and Goliath as a metaphor for the battle of The Unknowns and The Knowns. It's Rulon versus Don. Let's hope the police twins have a good slingshot. Bob screams enough that it seems like Jillian is actually there, while The Unknown trainers also do their part to increase the world's collective decibel level.

With that, it's weigh-in time. Jillian is absent, which Sami notes is a shame since she loves nothing more than a good underdog success story. Sami talks about how The Unknowns destroyed The Knowns last week, and Bob tells her that he wants to run up the stairs and clock her, because the term "destroyed" is so disrespectful. Sami looks a little nervous, and Bob says that what The Knowns lack in strength they have in heart. Still, The Unknowns had a good showing at their weigh-in. Rulon and Moses lost in the double digits, and the combined players lost a total of 79 pounds. That's 2.46%. The Knowns will need to have lost more than 78 pounds to best The Unknowns and get immunity plus $10,000. Arthur guarantees that they've got it. Bob's not so sure, but appreciates Arthur's spirit.

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