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Week Two Blues

Just when Bob thinks his day is over and he can go home and catch the new episode of Glee, he encounters Rudy and Dina in crisis. Dina is freaking out about having to lose an average of 10 pounds this week, and Bob tells her to chill out and stop spinning around in her head. Like a record, baby, right round round round. Stressing out right now, says Bob, is not going to help anybody with anything. Rudy, for his part, is a pretty supportive teammate and a lot more patient than I would be. And then it's time for product placement palooza! Ziploc bags are good for storing your food. Now with special zippers! And a place to write stuff!

After this important lesson in food storage, we head to the Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center, where Coach Mo is visiting Tracey. He has no idea what to expect, which makes a person wonder why no one gave him a freaking update. We flash back to Tracey's collapse during the first challenge in all of its eyes-rolling-back-in-the-head glory. Good times. Coach Mo enters her room, and you'll be happy to know that she's not 1) dead; 2) in a coma. Mo gives her a Team Purple shirt as well as an update that primarily involves how awesome he is for carrying their team for the first week. Tracey appreciates his awesomeness and says that she'll be out of there tomorrow. We never learn what was actually wrong with her, which is both a suspicious and a relief.

The contestants eat dinner and talk about their exercise strategy for the night. They then transition to the gym, where they settle their butts into the cardio machines and get their legs working. Well, except for Julio. He takes a breather and goes to the bathroom as Shay rolls her eyes. She interviews that the rest of them need Julio to pick it up. Two and a half hours go by and finally Julio comes back. Shay wants to kick his ass, but Daniel is hopeful that he'll actually get on a machine. Julio does finally get on a stairmaster, and says he only has 1300 more calories to burn to meet his target. Shay emphatically does not believe it. Still, she offers to help him in any way he needs. She leaves the gym and he goes reeeeeallllly slow on the Stairmaster. This is either trickery, or it's not looking good for them.

Cut to the next day, when Tracey returns home! Everyone is happy that she's alive. She says that she's feeling weak but (tears tears tears) is glad to be back. She reveals that her health situation (which is still undefined) was actually quite serious, and says that it put things into perspective for her. She puts on her purple shirt and expresses again how thankful she is to be back, noting also that she has a lot of catching up to do. Here's hoping that she doesn't pass out again! Bob has a chat with Tracey, and notes that she can't work out the way others are, per doctors' orders. This means that her nutrition has to be completely in check. And what's the best way to do this? By ingesting some Biggest Loser Protein Powder. They really had me fooled on that product placement! And I can usually smell them a hundred feet away (much like I can smell Jennie-O turkey from 100 feet away!).

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