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Week Two Blues

Before we know it, we're at the California Health and Longevity Institute. Sami greets the contestants with a special guest in tow -- it's world class chef Curtis Stone! Cuuuuuuute. Rebecca loves him like a pepperoni pizza. Turns out this is Curtis's kitchen boot camp, designed to help the contestants learn more about nutrition. Sami warns them that they'll be quizzed later. If they answer five of her eight questions correctly, they'll get a 15 pound advantage at the weigh-in. Well, that makes their challenge a little more feasible.

Curtis's first lesson has to do with portion size. Turns out you're only supposed to eat three to four ounces of meat per serving. And then we learn a whole bunch of other things that we already knew. Food scales are handy for purposes of measuring. You can also bake, poach, meat, grill and broil all sorts of things instead of using oil. Caesar salad is bad for you, and you should eat a hamburger instead. You can replace 50% of your pasta with a vegetable such as zucchini. Soda makes you fat. Sean is apparently the poster boy for soda, and says that his waterbed is filled with it. His wig is made of Dr. Pepper! Soda kills you. Snacks with protein are the best snacks of all. The lessons continue as the contestants glaze over and Curtis takes on the vocal stylings of Charlie Brown's teacher. It's too much information for them, and their retention appears to be poor. Perfect time for Sami's quiz!

The Purple Team gets the first question, which asks which of the plates of steak in front of them contains the correct serving for a family of four. Tracey gets handsy with the meat, and she and Coach Mo eventually pick the right plate. The next question is to the Orange Team, and asks for three methods of cooking without oil. Shay is at the ready with her answer of baking, poaching, and steaming. Correct! They only need three more to get the 15 pound advantage. The Brown Team is next. They are asked how many calories are in a chicken Caesar salad. The options are 540, 840, or 1010 calories. They go with 1010, which is frighteningly correct. The Pink Team is asked how many fewer calories are in a serving of pasta with 50% zucchini replacement. The choices are 110, 248, or 343. They go with 248, which is correct! They only need one more. The Green Team is up, and they're asked how many calories you'd consume if you had one 16 ounce soda with three refills. The choices are 685, 747 or 789 calories. Abby and Alan go with 789, when the correct answer is 747. Four right, one wrong. The Red Team is then asked to choose which of the desserts in front of them has less than 150 calories. They guess the parfait, when the correct answer is a cup of raspberries with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Four right, two wrong. The Blue Team gets asked to name two reasons why it's good to add protein to every snack. Rudy says that it makes you feel fuller and gives more fuel for your muscles, which is correct! The contestants get the 15-pound advantage and are quite happy about it. Now they have to lose a total of more than 135 pounds to avoid eliminating anyone.

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