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Week Two Blues

Hour two begins with a challenge on the open seas. Or open lake. There are four rafts separated by balance beams, and the contestants will have to ensure that each individual gets safely across the balance beams from one raft to the next. They have to move as a group -- everyone has to make it to one raft before they can move to the next. If someone falls in, the challenge is over for everyone. Additionally, the balance beams decrease in size so things get more difficult as they go. There is a prize for getting to each raft. If everyone reaches the first raft, they'll get a five-pound advantage. There's an additional five-pound advantage for getting to the second raft. If they make it to the third raft they get phone calls from home. And if they make it to the fourth raft, the season is over and I get to go to bed. In my dreams! They'll actually get the satisfaction of knowing that they worked together successfully as a team... and ten more pounds. Five-pound advantages practically fall from the trees, don't they?

The contestants get suited up in flotation gear and helmets, which hopefully will help to balance them. They progress like a row of ants across the first beam. Things are going well until Tracey gets involved, with her terrible mystery medical condition balance issues. She's shaking so hard in the legs that the whole beam shakes. Finally, she makes it to the first raft. Jeezum crow. The rest of the contestants make it with relative ease, and they win the first five-pound advantage. The second beam is narrower as promised. No one wants to be the jag-off who falls in the water and ruins it for everyone, but Abby comes close. However, she makes it to the next raft as do the others, and that's another five pounds! The third balance beam is even tinier, but everyone really wants the phone calls home. Sean tells us that his wife is pregnant, and so he feels kind of bad about leaving her all knocked up and alone and would at least like to talk to her on the phone. Danny cries about how much he wants to talk to his wife and kids. Things get really shaky, but everyone makes it. Oh, God, does this mean we have to endure watching them talk to their loved ones? Haven't we been through enough? I know, I know, but I put my heart in a Ziploc bag to keep it fresh and now can't find it. I tried replacing it with a Jennie-O turkey/protein powder mix, to no avail. The contestants all make it to the fourth raft, and get the additional 10-pound pass. There is much celebration.

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