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Week Two Blues

With that, it's time for the weigh-in! After all of the multiple-pound passes they won, the contestants have to lose more than 115 pounds combined. That's just about 7 pounds each which, we are emphatically told, is no easy feat. The Pink Team is first to weigh in. Amanda goes from 244 to 240 for a loss of 4 pounds, while Rebecca goes from 261 to 255 for a loss of 6. That's 10 pounds total, which is of course under the average of what's necessary to keep everyone around for another week. It's bad news, and everyone takes it as such. The Purple Team is next, and Tracey is feeing serious pressure. She goes from 238 to 228 for a loss of 10, while Coach Mo goes from 336 to 327 for a loss of 9. Hope is alive! The remaining six teams have to lose 86 pounds total. Red Team is next. Antoine goes from 349 to 341 for a loss of 8, while Sean goes from 422 to 411 for a loss of 11. Not bad!

The Green Team is next. Allen goes from 306 to 296 for a loss of 10, while Abby goes from 232 to 221 for a loss of 11. Things are looking decidedly up. The Brown Team is next. Liz goes from 257 to 247 for a loss of 10, while Danny goes from 406 to 394 for a loss of 12. This is what happens when you work out for eight hours a day. Bob pats himself and Jillian on the back for getting the job done. There are three teams left to weigh in, and 24 pounds to lose to win the challenge. The Blue Team heads to the scale. Rudy goes from 414 to 400 for a loss of 14, while Dina goes from 245 to 237 for a loss of 8. It seems increasingly less likely that Julio is going to fuck everything up, doesn't it? He heads to the scale, with two pounds to lose for a triumphant challenge victory. He goes from 394 to 375 for a loss of 19 freaking pounds! This flies in the face of Shay's theory that you actually have to exercise to lose weight. Well, you can't be right about everything. With the Orange Team left to weigh in, the contestants need an 18 pound loss to reach their original goal of 150 pounds. All they'll win is bragging rights, since it's already been determined that no one will be eliminated. Dan goes from 300 to 293 for a loss of 7, while Shay goes from 459 to 443 for a loss of 16. Damn! That's 155 pounds total that they lost. Dan is thrilled to be in the 200s for the first time since his freshman year in high school, and everyone else is thrilled to have, as Shay puts it, told week two where to shove it. With that, there is no elimination and everyone just gets to enjoy a good night's sleep! Including me!

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