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Ladies First (and Second, and Third)

Olivia is last to weigh-in, and her montage focuses on how hard it is to be the butt of opera jokes. That must be really awful. In Italian and everything. Present-day, Olivia says she wouldn't have wanted to go on this journey with anyone but her sister. They've been together since day one, and are never going back. It's pretty cool that they've made it all the way to the end together. Olivia needs to have lost more than 126 pounds to win. She goes from 261 to 132, for a loss of 129 pounds! Olivia has done it! She lets out a huge scream, and confetti explodes everywhere, and Hannah isn't even sad about it. Sami is like the happiest she's ever been, which makes it all worth it. All this plus Hines Ward winning Dancing with the Stars almost counteracts my Oprah grief. And my Jillian grief. And my "It's 1:30 a.m. and I'm still not done with this recap" grief. But really, congrats Olivia and Deni!

In any case, thank you to everyone who has read the weecaps this season! With Jillian bidding us adieu, it truly is the end of an era. This summer I pledge to eat more salads in her, and your, honor. Now go do some exercise or whatever!

Potes will truly miss Jillian the most. You can tweet her your sympathetic views (or share your theories about what happened to Rulon) @traciepotes or send an email to

Watch this season's winner offer weight-loss tips on the Today show.

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