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What have I done today to make me feel proud? I returned books to the library ON TIME, suckers! If you saw my library fine budget, you'd know what an accomplishment this is.

It is night at the Biggest Loser house. No one has been eliminated since the contestants lost 155 pounds total, thus meeting the challenge for the week that Sami set for them. Everyone celebrates, though Liz points out that this is futile since they're just going to have to turn around and boot someone else off. And some of us are grateful for that, since a 20-week season is long enough, thanks. The next morning, the contestants find Sami standing in front of the gym. They know that something is up, and it might be awesome or horrible. Probably horrible, even if it seems awesome at first. She cannot be trusted. Sami commends the contestants for working together as a team so well last week, but notes that this is an individual game, and each person's success comes down to his or her choices. Every decision made is critical, and this week there are plenty of critical decisions to be made.

And that's because this is "Would you rather?" week! And I think that Sami's version of "Would you rather?" is much different than the version my friends and I play (also called "Who would you choose?"), which always involves either trying to get the ultimate stumper a la, "Would you rather: Janet Reno or Clay Aiken?" or "Shane MacGowan or Carrot Top?" And then there's the version of the game that asks questions like, "Would you rather have permanently chapped nipples or brush your teeth with tuna juice for five years?" The Biggest Loser version of the game begins with a simple question: would you rather have your trainers or an advantage at this week's weigh-in? I would rather not have Jillian murder me, is what I'd rather. Liz tells us that the trainers are critical at this stage, since she got fat by being lazy and has never pushed herself like they push her. Sami adds some details. The contestants who opt for the weigh-in advantage will still have access to the gym while Bob and Jillian are there training those who are not idiots. Only one team will be given a two-pound advantage. The contestants all stand behind colored lines, and those who want to go for the two-pound advantage are instructed to step over it. Crossing a line! I get it! Shay confirms that two pounds is a joke. Sami says that if no one takes the two-pound advantage, she'll up the stakes. The first team to step over the line will get the advantage. The Pink Team has a bit of a discussion, with Rebecca wanting to succumb to temptation and Amanda knowing that Bob and Jillian will actually strangle them.

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