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And then it's challenge time! The contestants walk through a field toward a massive incline. Sami, wearing a fetching hat, reminds everyone that this week is all about choices and the chance to control your fate. The Purple Team has gotten a chance to have some control in the game, even if their methods in doing so were batshit crazy. Today, control is up for grabs again. The winner of the challenge wins immunity. Each team has to get 500 pounds to the top of the ramp and drop it off. As they drop off the weight, flags in the color of each team will raise. The first team that has a flag all the way up wins. There's another choice to be made -- the contestants can either carry their weight in two five-pound weights at a time, or 25 pounds at a time. The five-pound weights are located near the ramp, while the 25 pound weights are a bit of a distance away. Tracey and Abby are both injured, so will sit out. Julio, Mo and Allen will be competing as individuals (representing their teams) and will only have to carry 250 pounds up the ramp. Sami asks each team to make their choice about whether to carry ten pounds or 25. Purple, Pink, Blue and Green go with ten, while Brown, Black, Red, Yellow go with 25.

The challenge begins! As the 10-pounders make a short scurry, the 25-pounders start to realize that their weights are located pretty far away. Everyone gets tired pretty quickly. The Pink Team takes an early lead, and the Green Team soon catches up. Sean tells us that Allen, with his firefighter training, is a beast. He surpasses Pink, and Rebecca gets frustrated. Allen wins, proving that taking the 10-pound option and generally being kind of awesome are good strategies. He and Abby have immunity. He feels a great sense of accomplishment, as he should. The rest of the contestants keep going, because finishing is a matter of pride and determination and principle. Once the rest of the contestants finish, they go down and help Mo take his remaining weight up the ramp. Allen says that it's symbolic of the group, who are all there for a common goal, to lift the last player up. You never have to face any challenge alone, he says. Unless you are playing solitaire, or one-player Ms. Pac-Man.

Hour two begins with a last chance workout. Jillian kicks some butt, as does Bob. Liz has unfortunate gym hair. Danny is nervous about Tracey's control of the game, and Bob tells Amanda that she should know Tracey will pick her. Amanda says that she and Tracey have been tight since day one. This calls Amanda's good sense into question, which must mean that she will, in fact, be the one on the scale tonight. Tracey, meanwhile, hasn't thought of a strategy for choosing who of each team will weigh in yet. In an interview she throws in a creepy, "But trust me, there will be one," for good measure. Shay reminds us of Jillian's verbal abuse in the first episode, where she did 20 seconds on the ladder machine. Today, Shay did six minutes. And it's all because she wasn't allowed to quit! Jillian is proud of her, and Shay is proud of herself. She likes her "new me," who is on the way to life, as opposed to the "old me" who was knocking on death's door.

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