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Okay, on with the weigh-in. The Green Team has immunity, so they go first. Allen goes from 296 to 292 for a loss of 4 pounds, while Abby goes from 221 to 216 for a loss of 5. Abby is pleased, since she managed to lose weight even with her injury. Since Julio is the only member of the Black Team and Tracey has no influence on his future, he is next. He goes from 375 to 368 for a loss of 7 pounds. That's 1.87%. From this point forward, Tracey is going to have to decide whose weight counts for each remaining team. Brown Team is up, and Tracey decrees that Liz's weight will count. Danny goes from 394 to 390 for a loss of 4, while Liz goes from 247 to 243, also for a loss of 4 pounds or 1.62%. In this case, having her weight count will benefit them. Neither one of them is happy with this result, though. I would think they'd be expecting low numbers since they really work last week to meet the 150 pound challenge, thus pushing off the dreaded week two slump into week three.

Blue Team is next. Rudy's weight will count for their team. He goes from 400 to 388 for a loss of 12, while Dina goes from 237 to 234 for a loss of 3. Tracey is visibly perturbed as Rudy and Dina express relief. With a loss percentage of 3.0%, the Blue Team is safe. Next we have the Pink Team, who say to everyone that they want Rebecca's weight to count. Tracey says that she's watched Amanda kill it in the gym all week, and adds that Amanda should be confident in herself. She'll be the one to weigh in. Amanda calls Tracey a liar for saying that she'd have her back. Well, now the Pink Team can vote her out with a clear conscience. Amanda needs to have lost more than four pounds to keep the Pink Team safe. She goes from 240 to 235 for a loss of 5 pounds or 2.08%, while Rebecca goes from 255 to 248 for a loss of 7. Victory! Either one of them would have done it. Everyone else is happy for them. Tracey tries to give Amanda an, "I knew you could do it," look, but Amanda is not buying it for a minute.

Next we have the Red Team. Sean's weight will count, which seems to upset everyone. He needs to have lost more than 7 pounds. Antoine goes from 341 to 330 for a loss of 11, while Sean goes from 411 to 405 for a loss of 6 pounds or 1.46%. Ooh, bad times. Sean prays that this number won't lead to their plane rides home. The Orange Team is next. Despite Daniel's pleas, Tracey picked Shay, again saying that Shay worked hard this week. Everyone is starting to think that Jillian was on to something when she said that Tracey was full of shit. Jillian wants to punch Tracey in the throat. Shay says that for 30 years her life has been affected by the decisions of others. But now she has control over her life, even though Tracey had control over this situation. Shay has to lose more than seven pounds to stay on for another week. Daniel goes from 293 to 287 for a loss of 6, while Shay goes from 443 to 437, also for a loss of 6 or 1.35%. Coach Mo looks really disappointed as Shay cries. Daniel tells her that six is good, and no matter what happens she's in control of her life and should be proud of this moment. What matters is that she lost six. Jillian interviews that this is one of the nastiest forms of gameplay she's ever seen on the show. Shay isn't a threat, so there was no reason to do it. To put her position in jeopardy is, Jillian says, just gross.

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