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We head to the elimination room. Sean and Antoine get sent home, duh. Tracey tries to defend herself a little, saying that no matter how the weigh-in shook out, and who she chose to go on the scale, two teams would have gone below the yellow line and one of them would have been eliminated. She's got a point there, but she's still crazy and/or an asshole. Antoine says that Shay has been an inspiration to everyone in the house, and to remove that inspiration would be an injustice to everyone else. He ends by saying simply, "She can do it." So great! Too bad we didn't see more of him in his brief three weeks with us.

Antoine heads home, with a whole bunch of new knowledge preparing him to kick all sorts of ass. Sean tells us that he has so much to go. He's nervous, but hopeful, and the next time we see him he'll be a more balanced individual. The next time we see Antoine, he'll be 220 pounds, hitting the gym, and looking for us to do the same. We catch up with Sean at home, weighing 324 pounds -- he's lost 120, and looks a whole lot younger. He's ready to take advantage of his second chance, in part by spreading the word of the Lord and Jillian to youth. Sean can run and play with his kids now, and his wife says that all of their lives are changed. Sean, with his Raggedy Andy cheeks, assures us that, if we put the Cheetos down and get off of the couch, we can do this too. And then, ha! We learn this: "Sean and his wife are expecting a baby girl any day. They plan to name her Jillian." Yay! Antoine, meanwhile, has lost 105 pounds and is now at 262. He looks pretty fly already, and has been hitting the gym hard. Antoine says that he had three goals in mind when he signed on to The Biggest Loser -- to be healthy, to be happy, and to have a family someday. And aha! Out from an SUV pops Alexandra, eliminated in week one! It's a love connection!!!!! They're a great support system for each other, and also work off some excess calories in the bedroom. Woo hoo! He and Alexandra trade "I love yous" and smooch, and this has been a truly delightful ending to an otherwise hateful episode. The heart will go on, just like Celine says. Antoine's goal is to be under 200 pounds by the finale.

Next week: The Tracey backlash! Shay hates her, and she has a strained muscle to boot. Even the preview asks the question, "Coincidence... or karma?"

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