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k's weigh-in. Each player has a cylinder with his or her name on it. There are a bunch of tennis balls on the court. When a person gets 25 tennis balls in his or her cylinder, he or she is out. Last person standing wins. Everyone goes straight for Tina, and she's out first. Tina says she's trying not to take it personally, even though it's totally personal. Burgandy is next to have her cylinder filled, followed by Sophia. Ada is next, followed by Lisa. Aaron is out next, followed by Adam. Elizabeth is soon out, and all the remaining players are hurting. They have to go up a set of stairs to get to the cylinders, which is apparently quite exhausting. Rick, Mark, Jessica and Jesse are out, leaving Brendan, Frado and Patrick fighting for immunity. Adam suspects there's an alliance amongst the three of them, which seems a fair bet. Patrick is out, leaving Brendan and Frado. Frado drops the final ball in Brendan's cylinder, and he gets immunity. He tells us that he's still going to work hard. As everyone recovers, Sami announces that the weigh-in is tomorrow. This is apparently a bit of a surprise.

Back at the house, Patrick, Frado and Brendan secretly meet in someone's room and pinky swear their allegiance to each other. Patrick is all, "Let's blow each other to seal the deal!" Brendan isn't so sure. But then he acquiesces, and it's the three Musketeers to the end. They bump fists to camouflage the homoeroticism.

And before we know it, it's time for the weigh-in! Jillian wants the girls to step it up this week. Sami announces that, just like last week, half of the contestants will be below the yellow line and face an elimination challenge. Since it's an odd number this week, seven people will be above the yellow line and eight below. Frado has immunity, and so he weighs in first. He goes from 340 to 337 for a loss of 3 pounds. He says he's not making any excuses. Sami throws it to Jillian, who says that the weight loss of the others will provide a lot of context. She does add, however, that Frado doesn't seem like a game player to her. Well, she also didn't see the backdoor dealings of the BJ Alliance! And then Frado interviews, "Immunity wins you immunity, and if you don't use it to your advantage, then you're a fool. Hopefully next week I'll have double digits." Everyone's a game player, I guess.

Burgandy weighs in. She goes from 219 to 218, for a loss of only 1 pound or .46%. Everyone is shocked, Burgandy most of all. Bob tells her that she's being tested, and he needs her to win this test. She's apparently a very hard worker, so the others get nervous. Tina weighs in next. She goes from 247 to 243, for a loss of 4 pounds or 1.62%. Tina says that she's thankful to be there, and that she promises to work hard. Sophia goes from 258 to 252, for a loss of 6. She feels pretty good about it, and gets a great big smile on her face. That's 2.33%, and she rises to first place. Ada goes from 240 to 234, also for a loss of 6 pounds. That's 2.50%. She's okay with it, though worries about her chances with so many big guys still to weigh in. Lisa is next, and goes from 272 to 267 for a loss of 5 pounds or 1.84%. She's also nervous. Next we have Aaron, who goes from 438 to 431 for a loss of 7 pounds or 1.6%. That's really not so great for such a big guy. Aaron knows it, too. Bob tells us that Aaron should be pulling out big numbers, and dropping double digits every week. He's not engaged, but he'll need to get engaged if he wants to survive.

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