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Next we have Adam, who reminds us about his dead mom who maybe will help him knock off a few pounds from heaven. Adam goes from 368 to 356 for a loss of 12 pounds. He seriously says, "Thank you mom." The others seem genuinely happy for him, which makes me think that he's a really nice guy. Adam says that hard work has been his model -- it trumps game playing, strategy, and everything. Get your butt in the gym, follow your diet, and give it your all. Jillian loves him, and tells him that he's a rock star. Adam tells us that his angel mom is his advantage in this competition. It's a little much, but he also clearly loved her a whole lot, so I can't really mock him. Adam has lost 3.26%, which puts him in a clear first place.

We've made it to the halfway point, which mean that from here on out for every person who's safe, another will fall below the yellow line. Elizabeth steps on the scale. She does not want to come in last again. She goes from 232 to 229 for a loss of 3 pounds. Jillian almost punches herself in the face. Liz's percentage lost is 1.29%, which is second to last. Well, at least she met her goal. Burgandy is definitely below the yellow line. Rick is next. He goes from 314 to 306 for a loss of 8 pounds. That's 2.55%, which is enough to keep him safe. Liz falls below the yellow line. Mark is next, and goes from 380 to 369, for a loss of 11 pounds or 2.89%. That's enough to keep him safe, and push Aaron below the yellow line.

Next we have Jessica. She goes from 268 to 261 for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.61%. She's safe, and Jillian commends her for "getting it." Jillian is also happy that at least one woman didn't get totally annihilated. Tina is now below the yellow line. Jesse is next. He goes from 339 to 329 for a loss of 10 pounds. He's also safe, and notes that Bob's torture was worth it in the end. Jesse loves the attention he got from Bob, and wants to get into the gym posthaste. Lisa falls below the yellow line, and we have only two contestants to go. Patrick is next and needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 378 to 366 for a loss of 12 pounds or 3.17%. He's in, and Sophia falls below the yellow lie. Jillian wants to eat her flannel shirt, and wonders when the girls will take notice and get it into gear. Brendan is last to weigh in. He needs to have lost more than 8 pounds to stay safe and push Ada below the yellow line. He goes from 331 to 326 for a loss of 5 pounds. He says that he worked really hard, but it is what it is. He didn't cut it, and has to work twice as hard next time. With a percentage of 1.51%, Brendan falls below the yellow line and Ada is safe. Adam has the highest percentage of weight lost this week, which means that he gets to save one player. The others will compete in an elimination challenge, and then there will be a vote.

Back at the house, Adam meets with everyone and tells them that this is going to be a very tough decision for him, since everyone is deserving of the save. He hopes that he picks the right person. Burgandy squirrels Adam off alone, and tells him that she works out six hours a day and eats the best that she can, but still has bad numbers. She cries and whines and has her own little pity party of futility. Adam tells her that, whether he saves her or not, she's going to make the most of this experience. He appreciates the fire in her eyes, and I do think he might save her.

Before we get to the challenge, it's time for product placement! Yoplait fruit smoothies! Frozen! Mix with milk! Give it a whirl in the blender! Tina then has a heart to heart with Bob, and says that his talk from the other day helped her immensely. She remembered why she's there, and is ready to fight to stay in the house. Tina says she's always put others before her, but needs to put herself first for once. If she really loves everyone, she says, she'll want to be around for them. As a reward for her epiphany, she gets a Yoplait fruit smoothie. Delish!

There is more working out. Aaron is upset, and Bob tells him that he needs to focus on the upcoming challenge. Once he gets through that, they'll figure out what's going on with his paltry weight loss. Jillian wants to work out with the big guys, to prove to them that it's not a boy's club. "I'm still the man around here," she says. I'm just going to put my four years of women's studies classes to the side for a moment, and move on. There is working out, sweating, and screaming. Bob tells us that there's a delicate balance between beating the crap out of the contestants but also ensuring that they have enough juice to really compete in the challenge. Tina wants to prove to the others that she doesn't totally suck. Meanwhile, Jillian is sick of hearing how sweet Aaron and Patrick are, and makes it her mission to toughen them up. She has them beat a truck tire with a sledgehammer. Aaron tells us that he had a losing attitude, and now is starting to understand how important the mental part of this thing is. Bob, meanwhile, works on Lisa's mental issues, which entail the inability to focus on herself. We are reminded that Lisa's daughter starved and dehydrated herself so as not to be like Lisa. Bob gives her a pep talk, and promises to ride and push her. Brendan hopes that his alliance will save him if he drops in the bottom two, but says that the only thing that's sure in life is death. Just ask Dr. Huizenga!

The gym is empty but for Aaron, who's putting in some extra time in his effort to fight for it. He's got renewed focus and drive, and decides to approach Aaron and ask for the save. He says that every day on the ranch means a better life for his son, and that's what keeps him going. Aaron pledges not to quit, give up, or lose sight of the fact that this is a huge blessing. Adam seems moved by Aaron's plea, and acknowledges that his decision is going to be tough.

The contestants meet Sami in a big dirt field for their elimination challenge. Adam tells everyone that he decided to save Aaron. Aaron is thankful, and says that he won't let anybody down. Brendan tells us that Adam made a good decision, but for him to say it's not gameplay is a lie. Adam needs allies, and now Aaron ostensibly has his back. And no BJs were even involved! I think that's why Brendan sounds so bitter. The challenge seems somewhat cruel, per usual. There are four piles of sand, each of which has a brass ring buried in it. All six contestants will dig in the first sandpile until the brass ring is found, and whoever gets it is safe. And then on to the next sandpile, and so on and so forth until only two ringless people are left. Those two will be up for elimination. The challenge sounds easy, until giant trucks dump 175 tons of sand onto the boxes. In the words of Brendan, "Get the hell out of here. Come on!"

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