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Double Trouble
em that they broke her heart. Dan promises to make it up to her, which is weird. With that, it's time for elimination. It's all up to Irene. Sami asks the rest of the group if they have thoughts. Courtney says that if she was watching the show and saw two people gaining nine pounds, she'd automatically think that they threw it. Hey, me too! Courtney isn't saying that necessarily happened in this case, because she saw them working hard every day. She doesn't know what happened, but hopes that Dan and Don can figure it out, either at home or on the campus. Ultimately, Irene respects Dan's wish to go home and votes him out. Dan says that for thirty plus years he and his brother haven't begun an assignment together that they haven't completed together. However, he has a nine year old daughter waiting for him at home. It's bittersweet, but he says he'll continue this process and be successful. Dan and Don bid each other adieu, and Don seems fundamentally okay with the whole thing.

Dan tells us that this was a very sour note to end on, but if there's one silver lining it's that Jesse and Arthur get to stay. He doesn't want to take anything away from Bob and Jillian, who were great, but he says he's not going to stop just because they're not around. And he has something infinitely more important in his heart than world-class trainers -- a nine year old who needs him. Dan's daughter told him that she's worried about him dying like her brother did, and Dan says that this is all the motivation he needs. I sure hope that's true. Dan apologizes to Don for leaving, and says that they will succeed in this goal that they share. The next time we see Dan, he will be proving that he can be successful at home, and it won't just be words -- we'll be able to see the difference.

We catch up with Dan now. He started the show at 287 pounds, and now weighs 215 pounds. That's 72 pounds lost. Not so shabby! Dan felt like he had something to prove when he left the ranch, and tells us that coming home he found a lot more drive than he had before. Since he's gotten home, everything has been joyous, and he's a better, more active, more involved father than he was before. He and his daughter Madelyn work out together, and she says that she likes him a lot better now than before, because he's not just sitting around watching TV. Their family needed The Biggest Loser, she says, so her dad could get healthy. Dan tells us that his whole world revolves around his wife and daughter, and making them happy makes him happy. He can't remember the last time he was this happy, in fact. Madelyn continues to inspire Dan to be the healthiest dad he can be.

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