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It is a dramatic time in the Biggest Loser household. The contestants have just been through their first elimination, and are feeling the pain. We are reminded that Jerry and Daniel were below the yellow line last week, and the rest of the crew had to make a Sophie's Choice and get rid of old man Jerry. Ron tells us that Dan needed to stay. Jerry had a support system at home, and actually asked the others to vote to eliminate him. Dan expresses his appreciation to the others, with his crazy Partridge Family-era Danny Bonaduce hair softly framing his chins. Mandi interviews that it was very upsetting to have two really great people below the yellow line, especially when a big lazy jerk who makes Bob have a mental breakdown gets to stay. Yes, she is talking about Joelle. Joelle has apparently ostracized herself with her whiny ways, and everyone thinks she's crazy. Not as crazy as she'll be when Carla opens a can of brain damage on her, though. Joelle interviews that she might have control issues. Or general suckage issues. You decide!

Before we know it, we're traveling across this great land of ours to check in with the at-home contestants. Everyone talks about their greatest food temptations while they're home. Most people say they are tempted by fast food and burritos and cheeseburgers and the like, but when we get to Nicole she professes a love for oxtails and gravy. I don't even know what oxtail is, but if it's smothered in gravy I bet it's delicious in kind of a disgusting way. We follow Dave to the buffet, where he foregoes the salad bar in favor of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. That's some good, fatty times. Some people are making good choices, though, even going so far as to eat turkey bacon and order a plain chicken breast when out at a restaurant. We cap this montage with Dave giving a big chicken-belch. Feel the burn.

And then it's temptation challenge time! Sami tells the contestants not to be scared, because she's not going to attack them. Unless her pregnancy hormones make her go all crazy like Bob's did. There is a bunch of delicious food displayed on a counter, and each item has a little sign next to it indicating its calorie content. Each contestant gets five minutes alone in the room to eat as much or little food as he or she wants. The twist? Each contestant's partner already participated in this challenge, with the exact same foods, but no one will learn how many calories their partner consumed until after they've binged or not. The team with the highest number of calories wins the challenge, and will get to train two-on-one with their trainer at home. Joelle is giddy with the thought of getting the hell off the ranch. FOR NOW. Sami tells everyone that there will be a winner, because not all of the at-home contestants resisted temptation.

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