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Back at the ranch, Jillian works out her team. Mandi suddenly starts to feel ill and weird, and starts crying. She needed to eat five donuts in the challenge to keep up her strength, I guess. Jillian interviews that there are people who come on the show who are very heavy emotionally, and it appears that Mandi is one. She misses her kids, and it's making her lightheaded. Jillian has a bit of a Dr. Phillian moment with Mandi -- self-confidence, blah blah blah. I'm sure we'll see more about this in future episodes.

But who cares about getting in touch with your emotions! We're going back to Detroit! Bob gives Carla and Joelle a workout on the treadmill. Carla tells us how wonderful it is to have him there. She even kisses him on the forehead as she does arm curls. She is less impressed with Joelle, however, and is in fact pissed that Joelle hasn't been carrying her considerable weight. She tells Joelle that she has to work out twice as hard on the ranch, and then keeps telling her that, and continues to tell her that some more, and Joelle gets kind of a crazy look in her eye. Bob says that Carla was so repetitive that Joelle just checked out. Carla continues to harp, and Joelle slams down her dumbbell and yells that Bob, not Carla, is getting paid to coach her, and so Carla needs to STIFLE.

Joelle yells that she's pushing herself, and Carla needs to do the same. Carla then starts to very aggressively do some reps on the step. Bob looks kind of scared, and rightly so. He interviews that Carla and Joelle were fighting so much because they don't know how to communicate with each other. Or maybe they just know how to communicate very loudly. Joelle then TOTALLY drops that Carla had McDonald's in her first week on the show. Carla is all, "J'accuse!" There is screaming and more screaming, and then Carla decides that she's going to show Joelle how motivated she is by aggressively lifting a very big weight. However, she's apparently doing it in a way that can injure her back. Bob tells her to put the weight down. Carla keeps going on about how she wants to show Joelle, and finally Bob says, "Put the fucking bar down" and she does. Bob is a strong black woman! He looks like he is developing a giant migraine right now, though.

After a commercial break, Bob leaves all the insanity for a moment to check in on the team members back at the ranch -- you know, the ones he actually likes. They all tell him that they're working hard and can't wait for him to get back. He leaves them with one final message: no excuses. They all seem fine with that. And with that, his brief respite into sanity comes to an end, and soon enough he's having dinner with Carla and Joelle. Carla tells Bob how much she appreciates him being there, and then just as you think she's going to apologize to Joelle for having a shit-fit in her direction, she instead tells Joelle to keep her head in the game and remember her duty to bring Carla back. Carla says that the two of them are Siamese twins -- one can't do anything without the other. Joelle is all dead-eyed and "uh-huh." Carla wants to feel Joelle's confidence. Joelle seems to have no confidence to feel. She interviews that this was all a bunch of doo-ka-ka and she wanted to shut them up. The previews didn't hint at anyone actually being bludgeoned to death with a Brita filter, but frankly I'm starting to get a bit nervous.

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