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We're back at the ranch, and so is Bob! He's happy to be away from the Detroit insanity and ready to administer a particularly brutal last chance workout. Joelle continues on her trajectory of lameness. Meanwhile, Blaine conjectures that Jillian needs to get her fix of inflicting pain, and this week he was her victim. He gets her back by dragging her out of the door like she's the carriage to his horse and almost killing her. She seems to enjoy that, too, to be honest. Bob pushes Mike to his breaking point, and feels accomplished when he makes Mike cry. Mike explains that he's not usually a crier, but he kind of felt like his feet were going to explode. That would bring tears to anyone. Meanwhile, has anyone noticed that Jillian's hair is looking particularly glossy and full of body this season?

Weigh-ins! The at-home players are all pulling for their teammates, and some (Carla) want to murder them, in addition. Bob is particularly nervous about this weigh-in, since he's been gone all week. Sami tells everyone that the Black and Brown Teams will be weighed as teams, and their combined percentage of weight lost will determine if they fall below the yellow line. Everyone else will be weighed as individuals. Tara has immunity and is first to weigh in. She goes from 272 pounds to 264, for a loss of 8. Good work, Tara!

And then the real weigh-in begins. Helen is up first, and is extremely nervous. She goes from 237 to 231 for a loss of 6 pounds. That's 2.53%. She's ecstatic. Mandi is next. She goes from 245 to 237, for a loss of 8. That's 3.27%. She's visibly relieved, and sprouts some Dr. Phillian-isms to prove that her mind's been putting in some time on the treadmill, too. Then there's Joelle. She interviews that she needs to have some success, mostly because she's afraid of Carla. She goes from 294 to 288, for a loss of 6 pounds or 2.04%. She's disappointed, but hopes that it's enough to keep her and Carla in the competition. Bob hugs her even though he still not-so-secretly hates her. Next is Filipe. He goes from 338 to 324 for 14 pounds! That's 4.14%. Amazing. He says that staying on the bike even though his butt was calloused really paid off. Filipe is hilarious, and also has relatively attractive man-boobs!

Mike and Ron weigh in together. Ron's six-pack of moobs remains truly terrifying. He goes from 386 to 377, for a loss of 9, while Mike goes from 359 to 348, for a loss of 11. That's 20 pounds total. Everyone is happy for Mike that he finally beat his dad. The Brown Team has lost 93 pounds in the past three weeks, which Bob reminds us is the equivalent of one Nicole Richie. Their percentage for this week is 2.68%, which is enough to keep them safe. Blaine and Dane are next, and need to lose more than 18 pounds to stay above the yellow line. Blaine goes from 335 to 323 for a loss of 12, while Dane goes from 378 to 360 for a loss of 18! Wow. That's 30 pounds total, or 4.21%! Jillian tells us that this is unprecedented. The Black Team is in first place.

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