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Damien interviews that he feels like he let Nicole down. He has no regrets, but thinks that he could have worked harder and brought her back to the ranch. He's learned to do things that he formerly thought were impossible, and says that you have to believe to change. He wants a great wedding day, and says that he's going to be super-sexy along with Nicole. He tells us that the next time we see him and Nicole, they're going to be so sexy it hurts. We go home with Damien, and both he and Nicole look great! He mentions their super-sexy wedding again, and the two of them take engagement photos. Nicole doesn't seem bitter that Damien's home. Mostly she's just happy that she won't have to wear a size 26 wedding gown. She has lost 76 pounds total and is planning on wearing a size 8 wedding dress in June. Damien has lost 74 pounds and hopes to lose 126 more before the finale.

Next week: The partners are back! And it seems like Mike and Dan might both be on the block, which everyone finds REALLY sad.

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