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The contestants lay around and predict that Bob and Jillian are going to come and rip them a new cupcake hole when they find out about the temptation challenge. And then it happens. Bob and Jillian are shocked at the growing one-pound prize, as well as the red line. Adam confesses his victory, and Bob says that sometimes you have to do what you have to do. They're not big fans of the temptation challenges, but Jillian doesn't even know what to say anymore. She says it's an unfortunate situation, and you can't fault people for wanting to stay there. The contestants are shocked that Jillian and Bob aren't freaking out. Bob says that if you're going to play the game, you have to work to back it all up. It seems like Adam is doing that, so maybe that's why they're not mad at him.

The contestants hit the gym and attempt to sweat their still-sizable butts off. Bob and Jillian scream a lot about the red line. Patrick points out that the ladies are stressed, because they're so consistently below the yellow line. To wit, Lisa goes outside and either pukes or has a panic attack. Bob scoops her back inside the gym, telling her there's time for puking later. Bob makes fun of the target on Adam's back. Adam's gotten to the point where he says the bigger the target, the better. Elizabeth is still freaking out, and Jillian says that it's crucial to push her to her limits. Every time Jillian tries to push Elizabeth, she uses her asthma as a scapegoat. Jillian says she's been in this game long enough to know that it isn't the asthma that's holding Elizabeth back. Dr. Phillian emerges and gets Elizabeth to confess that she doesn't want to die like her father. According to Dr. Phillian, Elizabeth is suffocating on her unresolved issues. I think she can get a prescription for that.

Frado tries to keep a low profile in the gym so he doesn't get a terrible beating. And then he gets a terrible beating anyway. Frado tells us that after four weeks on the show, he's off all of his many medications. The beatings apparently kicked his body into gear, and he says this shows that exercise is the purest form of pharmaceuticals. Mark has a problem on the rowing machine, and does something dastardly to his back. He can barely walk, and is quite concerned about what all this means. Aaron's job is to do ten two-minute sprints with Jillian coaching him. He doesn't think he can do it, but Jillian won't let him quit. With one sprint to go, Jillian wants him to push himself and give a strong showing. Frado yells out, "London!" which is the name of Aaron's son, and his inspiration. Aaron tells Jillian that this is going to be his best sprint. I don't know about the best, but he manages to finish without holding on to the treadmill bars and so gets kudos from his fellow contestants and the grand prize of Jillian finally leaving him alone.

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