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Jessica is next. She goes from 261 to 254, for a loss of 7 pounds. That isn't enough to guarantee safety, but she says that she lost a pound a day and is happy about it. Brendan is next, and needs to have lost more than 8 pounds to stay safe. He goes from 326 to 315 for a loss of 11. That'll do it. He's lost 3.37%, which isn't enough to fulfill Ada's dream of not being the best. So far Elizabeth, Jesse, Burgandy and Mark are below the yellow line. Mark is on the bottom, inching closer to the red line. Frado is next, and goes from 337 to 317, for a loss of 20 pounds or 5.93%. He says he's determined and tough, and Bob busted his ass. Also, didn't Frado have immunity last week and waterload? I love how he suddenly believes his own bullshit and thinks he's magic. This means that a tearful Lisa has fallen below the yellow line.

Two people are left to weigh in. Adam is up, and Sami reminds us that he didn't use his one-pound advantage this week. He'll need to have lost more than 9 pounds to stay safe. Adam goes from 356 to 346, for a loss of 10. Ha! Eat that, BJ Alliance. Adam has lost 2.81%, which pushes Jessica below the yellow line. Sophia is last to weigh in, and either she or Mark will fall below the red line. She goes from 252 pounds to 250, for a loss of only 2 pounds or .79%. Everyone is shocked, Sophia most of all. She says that she's heartbroken. She pushed her limits this week, and worked out even harder than usual, to no avail. Sophia tries to go glass-half-full, and see this as an opportunity to prove that she has what it takes at home. She tells us that she's ready to go home, because she's so driven and able to stand on her own two feet. Sophia relies very heavily on her mom normally, but now she's learned how to rely on herself. Being on The Biggest Loser is the gift that keeps on giving negative numbers. The next time we see Sophia, she'll be the athlete she's always hoped to be. And she'll probably still be wearing a stupid bow in her hair.

Jessica, Lisa, Elizabeth, Jesse, Burgandy, and Mark are below the yellow line and will face an elimination challenge, after which one person will be eliminated. Frado gets to save one person since he has the highest percentage of weight lost. Mark talks to Frado and lets him know that he's gotten medical clearance to continue, and his back is feeling pretty good. What he's saying is that he can compete in the challenge, and Frado should rescue someone else. Wow, that was a really stand-up thing to do. Unusual!

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