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And then Bob, Rick, Ada and Frado go to Subway for breakfast. Mmm, meatball sub first thing in the morning! Sign me up...for health!

The contestants work out, and Bob and Jillian cherry pick a few contestants to work with. Jillian goes straight for Ada. Ada tells us she knew she was in trouble because she admitted in the weigh-in that she hadn't had an emotional breakthrough yet. Jillian's response? "Because I haven't made you have one yet." We then break the fourth wall a little and learn that weigh-ins take hours -- that's hours longer than they even take for us, who suffer through an eternity of scale beeps -- and that while the cameras are setting up for different shots and whatnot, Bob and Jillian often chat with the contestants. Ada basically dug her own grave during this time, saying that she thought she was a lost cause. Jillian then said, "I'm gonna take a chunk out of you, you know that? are going to... I'm gonna fucking kill you." She then added, "You're dead. You're gonna...cry blood." Jillian promises us that Ada will have a breakthrough today. Ada wishes she had kept her mouth shut.

Back in the gym, Jillian tells Ada that she's happy to give Ada abuse if that's the only way she thinks she'll have an emotional breakthrough. Jillian thinks that Ada's ten pounds should have been a breakthrough, and that she's unconsciously trying to create a situation where she's a failure. She needs someone to push her so she can give up. Jillian gives Ada the beating of her life, and Ada keeps quitting. This does not please Dr. Phillian, who asks if Ada is happy now that she's a failure and a disappointment. Jillian asks Ada how she feels. After some thought, Ada says that she's a failure. Jillian applauds her for creating a situation where she's failed, and going from one of the strongest people in the house to one of the weakest. She asks, "Is this just like home?" Ada says that it is, then tells Jillian she can't talk about this here and walks outside.

Jillian follows Ada outside, and Ada says that nothing she's ever done has been good enough. Jillian presses, and Ada finally says that her parents have always told her that she's an idiot and worthless. She talks about how her brother drowned when she was two or three and they were in a kiddie pool together. Ada's parents blamed her for it. Logically she knows that it's not her fault, but when your parents say, "Why couldn't it have been you who died?" you're bound to have oversized emotional baggage. They also told her that she was so fat she couldn't do anything right, and that they couldn't stand to look at her. Ada has some really shitty parents, man. They make Joan Crawford look like June Cleaver. So, it makes sense that Ada never feels like what she does is good enough. She says that she wants to feel happy about her accomplishments, but she doesn't know how. Jillian tells her that until she's strong enough to feel the pain in her life, she's not going to feel the joy either. Am I dumb or is that kind of profound? If Ada's experiences in life have been that she's a failure, Jillian says, she doesn't know anything different and can't even take in her achievements on campus. Ada says that failing is easy, because it's what she knows. Jillian tells Ada that she's grown up in a very abusive environment, but there's a part of her that knows she's not worthless, or she wouldn't be there. This seems like a good start, but I must note that Ada does not, in fact, cry blood.

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