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Bob is pissed that so many ladies are below the yellow line again. If they can't compete with the guys, he says, they're going to drop. The yellow line is driving everyone crazy, so Bob hatches up a new scheme. He tells everyone who's below the yellow line to meet him in front of the gym, and then invites them to his house for a meal! That's so cute! The contestants show up at his door, and Bob pretends like he didn't really expect them to come. Everyone is dressed up except for Bob. Rick asks to look in Bob's fridge. There's not a lot of food in there, because Bob doesn't believe in having food with a shelf life longer than two weeks. Burgandy was hoping that he just hated grocery shopping, like her. And me. But instead he's just relentlessly healthy. What a disappointment.

Bob is going to make a completely vegan meal for the contestants, which is how he eats. A friend of his who is a great cook made dinner. There's roasted wild mushroom leek and fennel salad, an heirloom tomatoes and basil leaf salad, broccolini with pine nuts, roasted sweet corn, and roasted cauliflower. Bob tells us that colorful food is good for you. I shall go forth with the M&Ms, then. Bob asks Lisa what dinner at her house looks like. She enjoys a large $5 pizza about three times a week. It's cheap, but so are beans and whole-wheat pasta. Bob says that Lisa has a responsibility to teach her kids how to eat healthy -- if not, they'll be on the show. That's probably the wrong thing to say considering that Lisa's daughter put herself in the hospital after starving and dehydrating herself. Bob knows that Lisa is tired and has a lot of responsibility, but he asks what she can do to help her kids. She tells us that she's going to show her kids the proper way to live. Everyone liked the vegan meal, and they are all happy to get to chill out with Bob at his crib.

Oh, and then it's time for a visit with Dr. "Death" Huizenga. Burgandy has severe tendonitis. She gets put in a boot that will help her, and Dr. H. tells her that she can't participate in the next challenge. Burgandy wonders what this will mean vis-à-vis the yellow line, and Dr. H. tells her that he could give a rat about the yellow line. The long-term prize is Burgandy's health. She is not pleased that she might have a literal and metaphorical boot.

At the challenge, Sami tells Burgandy that she will automatically be under the yellow line unless Frado chooses to save her. Frado doesn't, saying that he chose Jessica since she was below the yellow line by the least amount. He really must not like Burgandy. Sami unveils a roll of carpet that's 300 feet long and which weighs over 900 pounds. It's the length of a football field. The contestants have to unroll it and then race back. The last person to do so will fall under the yellow line with Burgandy. These challenges just get weirder and weirder. Carpet? Seriously?

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